Wednesday, 15 February 2012

BAFANL: Farnham Knights take a year out!

Earlier today our sources reported a rumour that the Farnham Knights had decided to take a year out. Reaction to this at first was shock, but when asked for official comment the Knights confirmed and said a press release was pending. Below is their release:

BUAFL Top Five: FAUK Bowl Top 5 things to watch out for

A few weeks ago we covered what we thought would be the top 5 most fun bowl games. With the jovial nature of our top 5 we missed out more serious contenders, with the most obvious being the annual meeting of two of the BUAFL's most storied franchises.

This Saturday at 1pm on the Birmingham University campus (Facebook event here) these two giants will battle once again in a game that most presume will decided the winner of the MAC and Double Coverage will be on site tweeting live from the event. We thought it best to give anyone venturing down for the biggest game of the season so far a guide to our top 5 things to look out for in the game. So without further ado we start the list with a couple of things you may want to look out for, but didn't quite make the cut:

GB Lions: The next Step

Following the recent successful junior and senior GB open trials, players who are through to the next stage have now been contacted.

Over 500 players from across the UK attended open trials for both age groups in Doncaster, Bristol and Hertfordshire – a huge pool of talent for the GB coaching team to select from.

The next step in the journey for the new national programme will be invitational one day camps, held at Loughborough on March 17, May 19 and August 18. The events will host both junior and senior players.

As well as the open trials, players have been selected for invites on the basis of film, discussions with coaches and performance in the last year’s games.

BUAFL Match Report: Edinburgh Napier Knights @ Newcastle Raiders

A bruised Edinburgh Napier Knights travelled to the division leading Newcastle Raiders on Sunday with the thoughts of an upset at the front of their minds. However the Knights were the masters of their own downfall with 5 first half turnovers that saw the Raiders flex their muscles and rack up 36 points.

An interception in the first quarter from Napier QB Euan Rennie led to points for the Raiders, as they passed the ball in from 12 yards out to take an early lead they would never look back from. The traditional 2 point conversion was added to give Newcastle and 8 point lead.

A 6 Touchdown 2nd quarter saw some great offensive play from both teams. Newcastle blew into the lead with a couple of touchdown runs, one almost half the length of the field. The Knights replied with a 38 yard pass from Euan Rennie to Neale Lees to get their first points on the board. 

BUAFL Match Report: Northumbria Mustangs @ Edinburgh Predators

Due to a postponement in the first week after the holiday period, Northumbria headed north on Sunday to match up against the Edinburgh Predators for their first action of the new year.

The Predators entered the game as the favourites, after the previous week’s victory over cross town rivals, the Napier Knights.

The Predators received the ball to start the game. Opting to spread the Mustangs’ Defense out, Edinburgh came out in three and four wide sets, looking to put the pressure on the secondary. Northumbria’s Defense has played well through the first four games and this game was no exception. An interception by rookie Linebacker Danny Bomken halted the first Predators possession abruptly, handing the ball over to QB Leonard Birnie and the Offense.

A quick 25 yard TD run by WR Dan Leather, followed by a two point conversion by RB Tega Diegbe put the Mustangs up 8-0 early.

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