Wednesday, 15 February 2012

BAFANL: Farnham Knights take a year out!

Earlier today our sources reported a rumour that the Farnham Knights had decided to take a year out. Reaction to this at first was shock, but when asked for official comment the Knights confirmed and said a press release was pending. Below is their release:

"The Farnham Knights American Football Club have taken the decision to withdraw their Senior team from competition for the 2012 season due to concerns for player safety.

The Farnham Knights Youth (13 - 16 year olds) and the Farnham Knights Juniors (16 – 19 year olds) will compete in 2012 in their respective leagues and the Farnham Knights Senior team (18+) will re-enter active competition in 2013 in the BAFA NL division 2."

This is a sad day in BAFANL history as the Knights were such a storied franchise with history in European competition as well as domestically.

How this effects the BAFANL realignment remains to be seen and we await a statement from the league as to how this will now be arranged.

The Double Coverage team would like to wish the Knights all the best and we hope that they return stronger than ever in the 2013 season and can find the form that made them such a force in the UK.


  1. Were Farnham slated to be in the new Premier Division? And I take by player safety they mean "Nobody wants to play for us?"

  2. Essentially yeah, they most probably had issues with recruitment and player numbers!

  3. Coventry will be next.....then Tamworth.....

  4. Nope Coventry wont be there, theyre doing well at the moment, same with Tamworth.


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