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London Blitz v Bristol Aztecs VIDEO

All DC Team: The Pro Style Quarterbacks

And we're off! The Quarterback position is always a hard one to judge at University level. At one end of the scale you have the gun slingers in the wide open offences that allow them to heave the ball all over the field, on the other you have the dual threat guys that are as much a danger to run you over as throw the ball over you.

As such we included a new category  "Dual Threat Quarterback", which will be making it's premier after the "Pro Style" Quarterbacks have their moment in the sun.

Pro Style Quarterback

First Team All DC

Tristan Varney - Birmingham Lions

With the return of Varney to the Birmingham Offence, many had the Lions tipped to win it all. They still managed without their talismanic signal caller, but his efforts during the season quite frankly cannot be ignored. Let me regale you with some numbers. 142-84 (59% comp) 1289 yards 28 Touchdowns and only 3 Interceptions. That ladies and gents is certified first team All DC.

Joe Thompson - Hertfordshire Hurricanes

Many will think it's a case of the same old names, but honestly Thompson and Varney are both very high level quarterbacks. Leading the second highest scoring offence in the country (behind only the Lions) with most of his receiving options returning as well Thompson put in another stellar performance and will have been disappointed that he did not finish his Hurricanes career with a second championship ring.

Second Team All DC

Joe Brammer - Derby Braves
Luis "Dutch" Stevenson - Stirling Clansmen

All DC Team: The Dual Threat Quarterbacks

We were forced to add a new category to our All DC Team with the evolution of a new style of quarterback in the league. Not throwing for the gaudy numbers of the pro style quarterbacks, the dual threats post up huge rushing stats as well as solid passing numbers. There were a number of possible players here, but two stood out (I think you already know who we are talking about)

Dual Threat Quarterback

First Team All DC

Danny Miller - NTU Renegades

Surprise! You take one of last years first team all DC running backs, put him at quarterback and what do you get? Ridiculous numbers and a Challenge trophy to boot. Mr Miller compiled 100+ rushing attempts for 900+yds  and 15TDs on the ground and 81 completions off 137 attempts resulting in 1115yards 12 touchdowns and 9 interceptions. Not bad for a linebacker!

David Saul - Sheffield Sabres 

No doubt a large factor in the Sabres run in the Championship playoffs, Saul made more of an impact on the ground than with his arm, especially inside the red zone. Over the season he accumulated 88 carries for 590 rushing yards and 18 TDs while completing 41 of 79 passes for 767 yards 8TD and 6 INT. Not bad for a safety!

Second Team All DC
Seb Gogerly - Hull Sharks
Josh Adamson - Canterbury Chargers

Check in tomorrow for the Running Backs and Receivers!

James Goddard’s Protein Project – Voting Time


I have now come to the end of my Maximuscle Protein Project  12 week training programme. It has been an incredible experience and I have to say, I’m gutted it’s over. I consider myself extremely lucky to have been given this chance and have given everything I could for the full 12 weeks. I hope my results will reflect my effort. The journey, however, is not over. Voting closes tomorrow (Wednesday 8th May) and I need all the votes I can get, to win. I don’t want my Maximuscle journey to be over, I would love the opportunity to become an ambassador and educate others, with hectic work-life schedules, on how to start and get the most from their training.

Please vote for me here: www.facebook.com/maximuscle
Right, self-promotion over, let’s get back to the interesting stuff. The whole purpose of my last week of the Protein Project was to lean up as much as possible while maintaining and even pushing the intensity in the gym. The aim is to get into the leanest condition with the most balanced diet possible.

All DC Team: A Disclaimer

The all DC team is originally supposed to be made up of nominated players from head coaches, however this year we had a lackluster showing from the coaches around the Uni League and only had about 6 coaches nominate.

As such we then expanded the nominations to the team Chairmen (who have their own Facebook group) and once again we had very little reply.

Obviously disappointed with the feedback and wanting to at least get something resembling an all star team out, we then decided to go with our own writers knowledge (as we have at least one writer in each division, with some divisions having two or three) to hopefully cover a majority of the players involved in the league.

Overall we are happy with the result with a good mix of players from multiple teams represented. Of course there are more players from the top teams in the country, but that is why they are the top teams! Some players also fell off the radar due to excellent overall team play reducing the number of carries/catches/tackles/sacks/throws a player had.

There will inevitably be some who miss out and slip through the cracks. For those that do we apologise! 

Pirates jet off to a great start

by Bill Campbell. Photos courtesy of Alastair Wilson, AJW Photography.

Coventry Jets 0 - East Kilbride Pirates 38

The Pirates got their 2013 campaign underway with a trip to face the Coventry Jets, a team they had never previously beaten.

East Kilbride started well with Aaron Paterson returning the opening kick-off back into Coventry’s half. Pirates’ quarterback Ryan Hunter then orchestrated a short drive which culminated in Iain Dick running in for a touchdown from 4 yards out. Steven Wilson’s attempted conversion was blocked, leaving the visitors 6-0 ahead early in the game. Despite having veteran quarterback Stuart Franklin guiding their offence, the Jets couldn’t make much initial headway and were soon forced to punt. As if to show how it should be done, Ryan Hunter broke off a 77-yard run on the next play to extend the lead to 12-0 with another unconverted TD.

Ryan Hunter carries the ball for the Pirates

National League Power Rankings

1. Manchester Titans (2-0)
No game for Manchester this week but the 60-0 destruction of the Falcons is still fresh in the memory. They’re sitting pretty here for at least another week.

2. Gateshead Senators (1-0)
No game for the Senators but they move up because of the fall of Farnham. Like the Falcons a few weeks ago, the Knights showed that they may have lost too much of that Premiership experience to prove a significant force in this division. Meanwhile the Senators small squad is one of their strengths. They’re a resilient team and will be tough to beat in the North.

AFL Week 6 Review

Unfortunately the weekends first game which was slated to be between the Danube Dragons and AFC Rangers was cancelled due to unplayable pitch conditions, so there's only two reviews to bring you today.

Swarco Raiders 42 - Prague Black Panthers 0

Andrew Shoop had a rough day against the Raider's pass rush.
© Florian Schellhorn from www.footballpics.info
I predicted this game to be a closer affair due to the Swarco Raiders recent struggles, but it turned out that the beleaguered Prague Black Panthers were blown away by the arm of Kyle Callahan and never put up a fight.

Irish American Football Round-Up

Another week and all of the remaining Shamrock Bowl Conference teams are at or past the half way mark in the season. There was only one game in the SBC but it was a bit of a biggie! Meanwhile in the IAFL-1 a battle of the big boys saw the biggest points total in the division this year whilst another tight game saw a team take control at the top of the division.

McKelvey had a great day for the Trojans - photo by Nathan James Sharrocks

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