Tuesday, 7 May 2013

All DC Team: The Pro Style Quarterbacks

And we're off! The Quarterback position is always a hard one to judge at University level. At one end of the scale you have the gun slingers in the wide open offences that allow them to heave the ball all over the field, on the other you have the dual threat guys that are as much a danger to run you over as throw the ball over you.

As such we included a new category  "Dual Threat Quarterback", which will be making it's premier after the "Pro Style" Quarterbacks have their moment in the sun.

Pro Style Quarterback

First Team All DC

Tristan Varney - Birmingham Lions

With the return of Varney to the Birmingham Offence, many had the Lions tipped to win it all. They still managed without their talismanic signal caller, but his efforts during the season quite frankly cannot be ignored. Let me regale you with some numbers. 142-84 (59% comp) 1289 yards 28 Touchdowns and only 3 Interceptions. That ladies and gents is certified first team All DC.

Joe Thompson - Hertfordshire Hurricanes

Many will think it's a case of the same old names, but honestly Thompson and Varney are both very high level quarterbacks. Leading the second highest scoring offence in the country (behind only the Lions) with most of his receiving options returning as well Thompson put in another stellar performance and will have been disappointed that he did not finish his Hurricanes career with a second championship ring.

Second Team All DC

Joe Brammer - Derby Braves
Luis "Dutch" Stevenson - Stirling Clansmen


  1. Joe Brammer is massively overrated. Barely worthy of top 50% of QBs in BUAFL

    1. Whether you hate him or love him, what you've said is a ridiculous comment.


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