Tuesday, 7 May 2013

All DC Team: A Disclaimer

The all DC team is originally supposed to be made up of nominated players from head coaches, however this year we had a lackluster showing from the coaches around the Uni League and only had about 6 coaches nominate.

As such we then expanded the nominations to the team Chairmen (who have their own Facebook group) and once again we had very little reply.

Obviously disappointed with the feedback and wanting to at least get something resembling an all star team out, we then decided to go with our own writers knowledge (as we have at least one writer in each division, with some divisions having two or three) to hopefully cover a majority of the players involved in the league.

Overall we are happy with the result with a good mix of players from multiple teams represented. Of course there are more players from the top teams in the country, but that is why they are the top teams! Some players also fell off the radar due to excellent overall team play reducing the number of carries/catches/tackles/sacks/throws a player had.

There will inevitably be some who miss out and slip through the cracks. For those that do we apologise! 

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