Tuesday, 7 May 2013

All DC Team: The Dual Threat Quarterbacks

We were forced to add a new category to our All DC Team with the evolution of a new style of quarterback in the league. Not throwing for the gaudy numbers of the pro style quarterbacks, the dual threats post up huge rushing stats as well as solid passing numbers. There were a number of possible players here, but two stood out (I think you already know who we are talking about)

Dual Threat Quarterback

First Team All DC

Danny Miller - NTU Renegades

Surprise! You take one of last years first team all DC running backs, put him at quarterback and what do you get? Ridiculous numbers and a Challenge trophy to boot. Mr Miller compiled 100+ rushing attempts for 900+yds  and 15TDs on the ground and 81 completions off 137 attempts resulting in 1115yards 12 touchdowns and 9 interceptions. Not bad for a linebacker!

David Saul - Sheffield Sabres 

No doubt a large factor in the Sabres run in the Championship playoffs, Saul made more of an impact on the ground than with his arm, especially inside the red zone. Over the season he accumulated 88 carries for 590 rushing yards and 18 TDs while completing 41 of 79 passes for 767 yards 8TD and 6 INT. Not bad for a safety!

Second Team All DC
Seb Gogerly - Hull Sharks
Josh Adamson - Canterbury Chargers

Check in tomorrow for the Running Backs and Receivers!

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