Thursday, 28 February 2013

The Final Regular Season RP Poll

Seeing as this is the final RP Poll, I’ll leave you with a special present that has provided plenty of laughs in the DC towers.

Istanbul Cup opportunity


This is an official invitation to the ISTANBUL CUP 2013, for which we formally now offer teams a spot for the remaining 2 unfilled slots for the Cup. This Cup is designed to offer teams good competition, with a Cup format. It will be a good international lineup. We have already confirmed a team from Helsinki who play in their highest league, the Maple League. We also have sealed a deal with sponsors, to give 3 nights accommodation for free to all participants.

This Cup comes from the sponsor KOC University, which is a private university and the richest university in Turkey. The games will be played on state of the art facilities, and should offer a fun and easy viewing atmosphere, while allowing teams the ease in their time off to enjoy the city. 

"This is going to be a great cup, and it will offer an international flavor, using a kind of a national team group format for the weekend, giving all teams 2 games. What a great experience. Along with football, we will give the possibility to see one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Istanbul. A city with an incredible night life. A city built on 2 seas and is truely beautiful. Something really important is that for the teams participating the Cup, the housing is free! So football, travel, fun, and free housing for the cup! We worked so hard to get this right.” says John D. Harper H.C. of the Koc Stallions, and Cup Representative.

For more information please visit:

or click here to contact John Harper directly.

Celtics bury Saints

by Richard Choksey

The Durham Saints stood on hallowed ground on Sunday as they lined up against the Leeds Celtics in the final match of the regular season. The Graveyard has seen Celtics rise to top of their division and win the championship, and fall out of contention to rebuild a season later. As they faced the Saints, this year’s team stood on the dividing line between glory and obscurity. A win would open the door to the playoffs whilst a loss would end the season there and then.

Warwick Wolverines vs. Coventry Jets Preview

by Andrew Gambrill
This Sunday sees the Varsity match up between Coventry University Jets and University of Warwick Wolverines.
Coventry University Jets

Last time around the heavily favoured Wolverines with what was thought to be a superior passing attack came up short when the Jets’ tenacity pulled them through in a tense affair.

We enter this year with a similar scenario. Warwick has proven technical ability and more game time under their belts however, Coventry’s team spirit whilst still in tact could be lacking the passion of their predecessors.

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