Monday, 6 May 2013

West Coast Trojans @ Sheffield Predators

Stirling Clansmen Documentary

EFAF top 20


Still no place for the London Warriors in the EFAF top 20 (because they are not taking part in an EFAF competition), but the Blitz still hold their place in the top 15. Schwäbisch Hall hold onto their place in the top 5 even though they lost in an upset to Franken over the weekend.

1.Calanda Broncos
2.Raiffeisen Vikings Vienna
3.Swarco Raiders Tirol
4.Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns
5.JCL Graz Giants
6.Berlin Adler
7.Helsinki Roosters
8.Søllerød Gold Diggers
9.Les Black Panthers de Thonon les Bains
10.Copenhagen Towers
11.Dauphins de Nice
12.Pioners de l`Hospitalet
13.Helsinki Wolverines
14.London Blitz
15.Prague Black Panthers
16.Amiens Spartiates
17.Alphen Eagles
18.Badalona Dracs
19.Brussels Tigers
20.Belfast Trojans

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