Monday, 22 April 2013

Tarannau vs. Bangor - West Coast Cup

The University American Football team, Tarannau, started their season with a winning record of 2-1 before Christmas break and with that brought home the coveted Welsh Bowl Trophy, their first silverware in quite a few years. However, disappointingly the team finished the season with a 3-4 record and 1 tied game, and thus missing the playoffs. This past Sunday, Tarannau played their annual Varsity fixture against the Bangor Muddogs in hopes of winning the newly established West Coast Cup (attached).

The weather was looking promising throughout the week with temperatures warming up and the sun finally making an appearance in Aberystwyth, however on Sunday morning, it was overcast and rainy, but this was not going to stop the Aber boys from taking home their second silverware of the year. Tarannau arrived early to warm-up and prepare for the big game ahead, Bangor were delayed upon arrival and so kickoff was delayed slightly.

With the Aber boys all warmed up and ready to go, the dual-GB attack by Runningbacks Curtis Williston and Joshua Culling were moving the ball successfully down field and Receiver Joshua Bryant scored on a trick play down near the goal line.

Three head coaches resign in the TVC

There have been a glut of resignations in the TVC, as three head coaches have stepped down in the last week.

First Luke Plastow stepped down as head coach of the marmite like BNU Buccaneers and released a statement through DC that can be found here. He hasn't been replaced yet and a search for a new head coach is underway.
Coach Plastow was the first TVC head coach to resign
Next to go was James Ormrod of the Brighton Tsunami, who had to step away from his position because of a move to Essex and will take a break from football. He is succeeded by Chris Denny.
Coach Ormrod (centre in black top) will be moving to Essex
The third and final resignation came last night after the National Challenge trophy final, as Southampton Stags head coach Gareth Thomas stepped down from his position. Gareth has been a part of the Stags organisation for 10 years and had helped revive the program after the single institution split.

Coach Thomas (centre with cap) will not be leading the Stags next year

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