Wednesday, 11 January 2012

BUAFL Conference re alignment analysis

It has to be said that the announcement of a divisional re-alignment for 2012/13 has taken us a little by surprise.  Although there had been rumours of changes to the format, for them to be released at this stage of the season seems to be an odd move.

With several new teams still in the process of completing the associate process, there is still no certainty as to how many teams will be in BUAFL in 2012/13, and fans of a possible two-tier system will be disappointed that the idea doesn't appear to have been considered.

A handful of teams switch between the SEC and the Thames Valley Conference, but the main changes come in the north, where a whole new conference - the Saltire - has been created specifically for Scottish teams (including any associates from north of the border), while the current Borders conference teams from England move into an as yet unnamed North Eastern Conference.  They will be joined by both Leeds teams, Hull, York and Bradford, who are to be split from varsity rivals Huddersfield after just one season.

BUAFL Top five: Stories to watch in the second half of the season

With the second half of the season kicking off in just over two week’s time, we focus this week’s top five on the storylines to keep an eye on as we head towards the playoffs.

As per usual we mention the storylines that didn’t make the cut.

 A lot of teams would like to be associated with that song, but it’s about time someone released a song for the teams doing their best to get the two tier system in BUAFL. So far there are thirteen! Yes thirteen teams who have yet to win a game this season. Will these teams continue to embarrass themselves in the second half of the season or will they finally manage to save face and earn some respect by winning their first game of the season? At least if they keep losing BUAFL may finally move to a two tier system...

BUAFL representing?
 This Saturday see’s the Northern GB trials with the Southern trials on the fourth of February. With so many BUAFL players now playing junior and senior ball will BUAFL be well represented in team GB? If BUAFL is well represented will the players be mainly from the big Universities due to the teams’ reputation and players on poor University teams miss out? Either way we would like to wish good luck to all individuals attending the trials!

BUAFL Conference alignments 2012/2013 season

The League has announced (via Facebook)  the provisional Conference alignments for 2012/13 to teams. These did not include expansion teams who will be factored in at a later date:

The Clinic: Double Wing Offence

Well done to those of you that haven't closed the blog after seeing the subject of this article! There are many formations to choose from when looking to install a playbook, but none are so polarising as the Double Wing we are now seeing spread across the BUAFL.

One of the assumptions when facing a Double Wing team is that they don't know anything about football. The majority of teams we that write Double Wing teams off as bad football teams tend to get a bit of a surprise and those who respect the formation are those who are successful against it.

Why choose the Double Wing?
The Double Wing is a simple system in comparison to the plays you see on Saturdays and Sundays in the NFL and College ball. It is widely used in youth and high school football in the US due to this simplicity. It is good for players with little football experience to learn the game and get involved early and Double Wing teams often have rookies participating in the walk through after only 1 session of football.

It also teaches good blocking fundamentals, as the line will learn to execute head up drive blocking, double teams, chip blocking, pulling, trapping and cutting all as part of the blocking system. The RBs learn shifting and motioning pre snap, as well as running in traffic and reading their blockers.

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