Friday, 2 December 2011

BAFANL Re-Alignment Winners and Losers

Since we exclusively broke the news of the BAFANL re-alignment, we at Dbl Coverage have been discussing the after effects felt all around the country. We decided to release an article covering who we think were the main winners and losers of the new re-alignment.

Courtesy of AJW Photography

East Kilbride – If you asked most people around Britball who the main winners of this re-alignment were, the most likely answer you would get would be one of the promoted division two teams who didn’t make it to the final, however, this is not the case. Without doubt the best team to benefit from this latest shake up is the East Kilbride Pirates. Having played against EKP in the playoffs, I can safely say that they deserve to be in the Premiership next year.

The problem for EKP was if the league stuck with a six team premiership or changed to an eleven team league, East Kilbride would have to travel to Bristol, Farnham and London more than once which makes travel costs pretty hefty.

With this new re-alignment EKP only have to travel to Yorkshire, Doncaster, Leicester and the West Midlands twice resulting in cheaper travel costs and some would say, an easier route to the final.

I’m not saying this was the main reason for a Northern and Southern Premiership, but it sure does look that way.

Courtesy of

Gateshead – Somehow Gateshead managed to stay in Division one even though they didn’t complete their season...WAIT WHAT?!? So South Wales Warriors get relegated last season for not completing their season and Coventry Jets do this year, but Gateshead manage to avoid down to Division 2? Hmm, I get the feeling CLOC isn’t sticking to the principles they have set in previous years.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m sure there is some reason for this decision, maybe to make sure the Northern section of Division 1 has seven teams (another eyebrow raiser). If there is some logical reasoning for it then CLOC needs to explain themselves, so that teams like SWW and the Jets can understand why they were punished whilst others were not.

Courtesy of DC Presidents Media Page

DC Presidents/Crewe Railroaders – When/If they finally get confirmation they are in the leagues then a huge round of applause for both teams. Having been involved with a BUAFL team during an associate year (our editor created the team), I know it’s a long hard road to get into the league, but I also know the sense of relief and jubilation after being confirmed that we will be playing in the league is a massive reward for the hard work.

The difference between playing two games a year and possibly more is nothing compared to knowing that you have guaranteed fixtures in a division with the chance of making it to the playoffs, therefore congratulations to both teams and good luck in your 2012 campaigns (if you get accepted).


Courtesy of Plastow Photography

Tamworth – A year after finishing third in the previous Premier league, Tamworth have virtually been demoted back down to the old division one north. Let’s not forget that their opponents do include the two division one finalists and a division one semi-finalist.

Looking at it from Tamworth’s point of view though, you can understand why they can feel hard done by. Last year they were facing off against seasoned premiership teams and gave a good account of themselves, but now they are going to be going against five teams who were in division one last year.

Therefore they may not feel like they are facing the same quality of opponent as last season, but if they truly believe they should be battling against the big boys of the country, they will need to at least win eight games next year and make a serious run for the championship game. If they manage to do this then they can justify claims that they are a premier team in the country.

Courtesy of Oxford Saints Photos 2011

Oxford – If you haven’t seen the arguments on the BAFANL forum then you have missed one classic/immature argument between grown adults from all areas of the country.

We can fully understand where Oxford are coming from by saying they didn’t deserve to be demoted (it was a re-alignment so they weren’t relegated). We don’t know what was stipulated to all teams at the start of last season (we’re only players, not committee members), so we don’t know if teams were told that there would be a relegation/promotion from Div one to Div two. If they were told only the bottom team from each conference would go down, then Oxford got screwed big time.

They didn’t finish bottom of their division, Peterborough did, meaning that Oxford had successfully (albeit by a forfeit) avoided finishing bottom.

However! If CLOC did confirm there would be a re-alignment then technically they have full right to demote Oxford if they believe after their poor season they would be better suited to division two, this also means they can also decide to move a team up if they see fit.

We have a few thoughts on the matter. Firstly, stop using poor excuses as reason you should have stayed up, the best example so far being that you are the oldest team in the country... Secondly, don’t take legal action on the league! This could potentially ruin the whole season for all teams involved in the league. Just stick it to the CLOC by following in the South Wales Warriors example and running the table next year.

 Courtesy of Ipswich Cardinals Facebook Page
Ipswich – Yes they got promoted which is fantastic news for the team, but have you seen the opponents in their division? Not only do they face off against last year’s divisional rivals the London Olympians (who they lost to twice), they also get stuck with Bristol, Farnham, last year’s runners up London Warriors and the current BAFANL Premiership and EFAF Champions. Tough break Ipswich.

Even though there is no restriction on the number of non-EU players that the team can register, Ipswich may be able to take advantage of this and recruit a number of players from local American Air Force bases, but as other teams saw this season, when those players are called up and put on standby they are forced to fulfil their military duties leaving teams with a vacuum to fill.

If you look at majority of the teams in the Premier league now, the majority of these teams have junior teams to recruit future players from. If Ipswich want to compete in the big league for a long period of time, it may be an idea to start a junior team instead of bringing in players on a short term basis (The downfall of Coventry is a good example to follow).

 Courtesy of East Kilbride Pirates - Official supporters' page on Facebook

Winners of the next Div1 Final – Can you imagine the awkwardness after the final? Congratulations you just played ten regular season games to make the playoffs, then you went and won three more playoff games to be confirmed as the best team in Division one! Now you have to go and do that again next season to get promoted to the Premiership...

This seems fair for all those players competing to get into the top league, but in actual fact it’s just a waste of a season. Imagine a player who has two years left in the tank and has never played in the Premiership, his team goes and wins the division one final in the first year, then they have to play in division one again. If I was one of these players I’d be giving the decision makers a little salute and it’s not a nice one.

Unfortunately this decision has been made, so all we can see is good luck to all teams taking part in division one and to the eventual winners, hopefully you can repeat your success two years in a row to get the promotion you deserve.

Caught in Limbo

Courtesy of

The future of Britball – We couldn’t decide whether the future of Britball was a winner or a loser. Granted people have a variety of views on the situation we find ourselves in at the moment, but we have our own questions.

What will happen if a southern team e.g. Sussex win the division one title the season after next, but the worst team in the premiership is a northern team. Will there be another re-alignment to accommodate this or will a southern team go down?

If the seven team northern section of division one doesn’t work, will this be changed again?

What if a Premiership team is unfortunate enough to finish their games like Coventry in 2011? Will they have to repeat a season in the big league and hope to complete their season or will they go down as well?

What if the 2012 season is a complete disaster? What will happen then?

We at Dbl Coverage don’t see why the CLOC couldn’t just follow BUAFL’s example and divide the country into regions. Have the playoffs done by a regional ranking for the last ten (top four teams have a bye) and quarter final matchups, then a national ranking for the semis.


  1. you would almost think ek have a rep on cloc,oh wait they do

  2. massive "like" for the 1st comment

  3. They are known as the CLOC anymore!

  4. They are NOT known as the CLOC anymore!

  5. The BUAFL example of regional conferences would be the worst decision ever made if introduced to the national leagues. In some areas the matchups might not be too bad but in other regions it would be horrific. Here are too examples London Blitz, Warriors and O's could quite likely be matched up with the likes of Kent, Watford, Maidstone and Essex, all Division 2 teams last year (and not even close to being the best teams in that Division). Another example would be EK beating up on all the teams in scotland/borders potentially including young teams such as DC, Carlisle, Crewe and some of the other less established teams north of the border.

  6. Just a slight correction, the Olympians beat Ipswich three times (twice regular season, once in the playoffs)

  7. I think you only have to look at how BUAFL works to realise that fully regionalizing the National League is an awful idea. It is becoming increasingly obvious as the uni game expands that there needs to be a two-tier system akin to the FBS/FCS to avoid pointless mismatches, imbalanced conferences and soft schedules.

    Hallam beat Huddersfield 105-0 last week - who learned anything from that game? Northampton Nemesis are 3-0, and could conceivably go 8-0 despite not playing ANY play-off teams from last year - what will they learn when they get annihilated by Brum/Lbro/Hallam (delete as applicable) in the play-offs?

    No matter how the National League is re-arranged, it will always be tough on some and easier on others - spare a thought for Nottingham who played in the South-West in 2010, the Midlands in 2011 and now in the North in 2012.

    Part of the issue is that it is unclear as to the National League's purpose - is it meant to be a showpiece event (as in the soccer Premier Division), or is it a vehicle to improve the national team? Once that is cleared up, then you can re-arrange accordingly.

  8. biggest problem with the national league is no one wants to play in it as national and get upset when they are asked to travel.

    hence a few teams havent taken promotion a few times because they would have to have long away days.

  9. Shame about your comments about Oxford. I won't comment about what is posted on the BAFANL forum, but how would you feel about being demoted without being consulted first. It would of been a courtesy to first do so without being hit with a bombshell.

  10. No mention that Gatehead's boss is also BAFA chief? Once again they choose when to move division as and when it suits them.

  11. Just because you put 'Courtesy of' next to a photo, it doesn't mean you can take a photo from anywhere and use it on your site!

    Did you really ask the owners of those 8 photos if you could use them? Including the league logo?

    I note that your NFL stories also include images, but these do not include the 'courtesy of' trailer. Not only that but you are hotlinking to the images - and so using/stealing the bandwidth of the sites hosting (and paying to use) the images...

    If you expect to be taken seriously then you need to craft/source photos in the same way you do words.

  12. Originally this blog wasn't supposed to be "serious". Just Rich and Myself keeping BUAFl news up to date.

    However the response from the community has shown that there is a demand for an up to the minute news site for British football and not just the (beautifully crafted) monthly release of IAF.

    As such we will take your advice on board and begin seeking out the Brit based 'togs for their permission to use photos.

    If the last Anon could please email me with their actual details we would be more than happy to take any more advice you have on sourcing permission.

  13. Jeez some people round here are just complete knobs. If you don't like it (poster above) piss off and don't read it. Twat

  14. If they're his photos, he has every right to post. Good response from Jon as well.

  15. Well done guys,
    But the Jets forfeited games...
    As a premier team this cannot be done, a team at the forefront of the league sould be hold to play the games they are in. THAT is why they were demoted

  16. Moaning Anon here again – thank you for responding so positively to my gripe. I admit I am taken aback and now feel bad about wording it quite so strongly. Props to you for responding so well. I agree that your blog could well fill a good niche and have enjoyed reading it.
    I would have thought most teams/their photographers would be happy to let you use images. If there’s an image you’d like to use – email the team/person and ask. Better yet, email them all now and ask if it’s okay to use their images in future (in stories featuring them) and agree a standard caption now. Then you can still get your scoop!
    Sadly, for the NFL side of things unless you want to pay ‘Getty’ prices (about £40 per pic for web) then you’re stuck. Mind you, an awful lot of images on Wikipedia have creative commons fair use on them, so that might be an avenue worth exploring. For an example see
    Apologies for being technically illiterate, but I can’t actually see *how* to email you on here or what/where your email address is. Perhaps you could add a ‘contact us’ or similar. People could also send you stories or add you to their news distribution lists.
    To the person swearing – all you do is devalue your argument and this blog.
    To the person highlighting ‘own photos’ issues – yes, of course they can post any of their own photos they like. “And if they’re his photos he has every right to post” – absolutely. But they’re not – since an attempt has been made to offer an image credit which illustrates this.

  17. To the Anon above ^^ Our email is

    Hope to hear from you soon.

  18. It was obvious from the moment EKP won the Div 1 bowl (end of first half)that they wouldnt be going to play the southern teams and something would be put together to suit them. it was embarrassing how easily they beat Leicester and should be facing the teams in the South who they match up with better.
    Also same with Gateshead staying in Div 1, one rule for one and all that.

  19. it was embarrassing how bad leicester were, and what was worse was their attitude. The players on the park (and off) quickly realised taht we were a much better team, and then started taking cheap shots on our QB (see 1st TD on wobblecams highlights on YouTube). they then also started a fight because they were getting beat. man up, you cant really expect to win games at any level with around 8 plays on offense, and about 3 on D, lets be a bit more inventive. And we had every intention of playing in the prem as it was, its not our fault the league re-aligned. and please, because we have a guy on the committee, does not mean we get preferential treatment. he is in charge of sending out emails to teams, lets not over emphasise things here, thats his role, communications, nothing more.

  20. Comment # 10 says it all!

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