Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Top 5 BUAFL Offences

Once again we are sticking with the BUAFL theme for our weekly top 5. This week we are doing the top 5 offences in BUAFL this year, so what they have achieved in previous years doesn’t come into consideration with these rankings.

Before we head onto the top 5 rankings we felt the need to mention a few teams who didn’t quite make the cut, but are still dominating their opponents.

Stirling Clansmen – Points scored: 166. Average points per game: 41.5

Stirling would’ve made the list had they not been shut out by Glasgow at the weekend. High scores of 90 and 55 in their first two games of the season show the Clansmen have the ability to score highly if required.

Newcastle Raiders – Points scored: 160. Average points per game: 53.3r

Another Borders conference team with a potent offence. From the looks of things Newcastle are still running the fans favourite Double Wing offence and are continuing to rack up points against opponents. A high score of 84 against Teeside Cougars the highlight of the season so far.

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