Wednesday, 30 November 2011

NFL Daily Digest: News and Rumour

Your Daily roundup of NFL News!

Just as they were getting used to him, Chicago OC Mike Martz is eyeing other jobs as either UCLA or University of Arizona HC.

Jacksonville have a new owner, who has promised that the team will stay in Jacksonville

He then made a statement on his new purchase

And promptly fired Head Coach Jack Del Rio (Urban Meyer just spat his cornflakes everywhere)

The Bengals put former first round pick Keith Rivers on IR

Defensive Lineman and professional man of glass Osi Umenyiora may be out "for a while"

The Vikings have put four on IR

While hoping the Tebow factor could help them sell mroe tickets to avoid a TV blackout

Talking of Tebow, John Fox said he asked the Mile High Messiah to lead the team speech in the Chargers pre game.

Kerry J Burn takes a look at why Tebow has been successful at just winning

And former full time QB and Christian Kurt Warner has said maybe Tebow should tone down the christianity a little...

Ndamokung Suh has (rightly) been suspended two games, but will appeal

The Texans have looked to jake Delhomme to ease their worries at QB. They obviously haven't watched tape of his last playoff appearance...

There is still no sign of Mike Vick at practice, which means Vince Young will probably get the start for the Iggles.

Josh Freeman hasn't learned from other NFL players and has hurt himself at a gun range.

Finally, in a move no one really cares about, the irrelevant Browns have placed Scott Fujita onto IR

That'll do you for now.

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