Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Top 5 BUAFL Offences

Once again we are sticking with the BUAFL theme for our weekly top 5. This week we are doing the top 5 offences in BUAFL this year, so what they have achieved in previous years doesn’t come into consideration with these rankings.

Before we head onto the top 5 rankings we felt the need to mention a few teams who didn’t quite make the cut, but are still dominating their opponents.

Stirling Clansmen – Points scored: 166. Average points per game: 41.5

Stirling would’ve made the list had they not been shut out by Glasgow at the weekend. High scores of 90 and 55 in their first two games of the season show the Clansmen have the ability to score highly if required.

Newcastle Raiders – Points scored: 160. Average points per game: 53.3r

Another Borders conference team with a potent offence. From the looks of things Newcastle are still running the fans favourite Double Wing offence and are continuing to rack up points against opponents. A high score of 84 against Teeside Cougars the highlight of the season so far.

Derby Braves – Points scored: 123. Average points per game: 41

I was torn whether to give Derby a mention or not due to their special teams winning the game against NTU and a high score of 62 against DMU. The reason I’ve decided to include them is down to the fact that apart from the NTU game the team has scored more than 45 points which is higher than any game last season.

Southampton Stags – Points scored: 165. Average points per game: 41.25

Since the first game of the season where the Stags posted 52 points against BNU, the Stags offence has posted 29 or more against their opponents and look set to continue lighting up TVC defences until they face the Portsmouth Destroyers. The Stags have already posted two higher scores than last year’s regular season record.

Now onto the list.

5. Birmingham Lions

Points scored: 138. Average points per game: 46

The Lions just edged the 5th and final place in our top 5 this week. Even though the Lions lost their three year starting quarterback Tristan Varney due to injury, the Lions offence just keep on dominating their opponents. The Lions offence seem to be using a two QB system so far to good effect with scores of 25 against NTU, 54 away to the Coventry Jets and 59 over the Outlaws. With their scores gradually increasing in each game, things don’t look good for the Staffordshire Stallions up next and the Lincoln Colonials after Christmas. If last year’s runners up want to reclaim the BUAFL Championship then this offence will need to continue dominating after the winter break against tough opposition.

Key offensive players are running back Dan Conroy, quarterback Jonny Glover and Wide Receivers Drew Newiss and Ben Brown.

4. Sheffield Sabres

Points scored: 146. Average points per game: 48.6r

The first of the northern teams to feature in our top 5 rankings. Sheffield, who have been over shadowed by the performances of cross town rivals Hallam, are actually having a very productive season, especially their offence. Currently the second highest scoring team in the NC, the Sabres may end up making it to the national championship playoffs due to their points scored difference compared to divisional rivals. Not including last season’s blowout over Bangor (which they repeated again last weekend), Sheffield have scored more points in all of their games this season with their lowest score so far being a mere 44 points! The Sabres may just end up shocking a few teams come playoff time if they aren’t paying attention to how they are playing so far.

Running back Sam Broughton seems to be the main guy leading this offence with 10 touchdowns so far.

3. Loughborough Aces

Points scored: 141. Average points per game: 47

The currently leaders in the MAC conference currently posses the 3rd best offence in our rankings. The Aces so far have played divisional rivals which have been around for a long time, but continue to overpower all of their rival defences. Just like with Birmingham, Loughborough’s scores are increasing with every game, but unlike Birmingham the lions have scored more than 30 points in all of their games (34, 49 and 58). By the looks of things the Aces have installed an offence based around the pistol formation and have managed to use it to good effect and will hope this new offence will see them return them back to the finals weekend.

The main threat from the Aces offence once again is Adam Hope who won last year’s BUAFL offensive MVP. With #30 continuing to carry the load the Aces offence should continue to be deadly all the way through the regular season and playoffs.

2. Hertfordshire Hurricanes

Points scored: 173. Average points per game: 57.6r

The number one team in our power rankings find themselves second in our top 5 BUAFL offences. Currently averaging just under 60 points per game, the ‘Canes are once again on course to be the offensive power house down south. Currently Herts have posted more than 50 points in all of their games (57, 53 and 63 respectively) and this shows that the ‘Canes haven’t skipped a beat since last season’s heart breaking playoff loss to the Birmingham Lions.

With players such as QB Joe Thompson (14 touchdowns in 3 games) and returning veteran running back Temi Odeyimi leading the offence, Herts will be hoping this is the season that their offence can take them back to the national championship game.

1. Hallam Warriors

Points scored: 254. Average points per game: 84.6r

Was this really a surprise? The Warriors seem to be trying to break every BUAFL scoring record in sight. So far Hallam has posted scores of 52, 97 and 105 respectively and look set to continue running the scoreboard over every other team in the Northern Conference. Some people may will complain about the Warriors running the double wing or running the scoreboard up on their opponents, but when you’re averaging just under 30 more points than anyone else in the country I doubt they mind everyone hating on them.

A big shout out to running back Danny Pyle who rushed for 310 yards off 15 carries (20.6 YPC!!) and 7 rushing touchdowns in their last game, the current leader for the MVP crown has a total of 722 yards off 33 carries (21.87 YPC...) and 13 TD’s.

Next week we will switch our attention to the top 5 defences in BUAFL!


  1. Note When calculating Glasgows, The Defense has only conceded 16 points.

    2 INT return for TD's other wise.

  2. how come loughborough are 3rd when sheffield scored more and averaged higher than the aces?

  3. Loughborough only have 5 less points than Sheffield and have faced tougher opposition in our opinion.

    If it only came down to points scored and average ppg Newcastle would be in 3rd place.

  4. People need to stop saying Hallam run Double Wing
    - 3 WR's out WIDE is not double wing

  5. This is not a reflection of how good some offenses are but of how bad some defenses are, I know some teams like to run up the score but most don't, I've seen coaches put 3rd and 4th stringers on and they still can't help scoring. If BUAFL are going to continue to expand they need to change to a two or three teir system with the best teams playing the best, this will give the newer teams a chance to develop and cut down on these boring 99-0 games.


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