Friday, 9 December 2011

BUAFL Predictions pt 2 (SWAC, SEC, TVC)


Bath Killer Bees @ Cardiff Cobras
This game will give us a clear idea of who will be making the Champ playoffs in the SWAC next to UWE this season. Normally this game has been easily won by Cardiff, but Bath have improved and will be pushing Cardiff all the way.
This will be a season defining game for Bath as a loss here could see them fall down the table and struggle against Plymouth and Exeter.
Cardiff win by 14

UWE Bullets @ Swansea
Swansea are a greatly improved team, but they haven’t improved enough to take on table topping UWE, who are bound for the playoffs once again.

The Titans have made too many unforced errors and the strong UWE defence and free scoring (since last game) offence will take advantage of every mistake.
UWE win by 14


ARU Phantoms @ Southampton Stags
Ouch. Not a game you want to be given in your schedule after a year hiatus from the league. ARU have appeared to be the whipping boys of the SEC this year, a division widely touted to be weak any way. Now they face one of the potential winners of one of the widely touted toughest conferences in the country (with the MAC being the other). It will be interesting to see if this fixture actually gets played, the Stags seem to have a track record of teams bailing out on them on the day, with Surrey failing to show last year and Royal Holloway the year before. With the small squad size at ARU, coupled with possible injuries sustained by big beatings from other teams, keep your eye out for a 1-0 victory or a rearrangement.

The Stags have started out strong, but perhaps have been struggling on defence to a certain extent. The big shootout between them and BNU showed that they could be scored on, and the only saving grace for the Stags that game was that their offence could score more often (which I guess is all you really need to win a game). Something's appeared to be plugged when they trounced Brunel, but again holes started to appear on the defence when playing against Solent. 

It is important to remember the history between the two teams when considering that game but one thing that struck me was the lack of any size on the DL, with #23 for Solent running through holes for fun. This is something the Stags may want to sure up for Portsmouth, as we all know how big Anthony Olawole is. 

ARU have managed to claw their way back into the league after not being able to fulfil their fixture list last year and essentially costing Essex a place in the playoffs (I think Essex may be looking forward to that fixture). 

A very, very, very run heavy team operating out of the shotgun the ARU offence lacks any dimensionality, being rather obvious to read for even an inexperienced defence. While I cited the lack of size on the DL for the Stags, I still think their coaching and general experience of playing in the TVC will serve them well this game.

Southampton to put up quite a few scores in the first half, then put on the backups. Backups to score more in the second half with the small ARU squad tiring.
Stags win by 56

Essex Blades @ Hertfordshire Hurricanes

Am I the only one eagerly anticipating the playoffs this year? It is so hard to compare across the divisions at the moment with so many teams getting better and skewing the established order. Herts have pretty much swept aside everyone in their path so far. It seems the majority of the league wants to place the crown of champions on their head already. With so much talent with senior league experience (and not Division 'Sunday League' 2 either) it can only mean that the rookies are getting good peer to peer coaching as well as a good amount of playing time given the scores at half time.

Essex are currently 3-0, beating Greenwich in a close fought, Westminster in a 21-0 victory and most recently a 31-6 victory over Cambridge. It's hard to look past the fact that two of the three teams mentioned are in their first year of competition, and I can't help but feel that if either Westminster or Cambridge played Herts this year the score line would more akin to a phone number with a hyphen after the first 0. Essex run a lot of misdirection which can confuse lots of teams, with lots of over pursuit. 

I can't see Herts defence falling victim to this, especially as Herts have played them many times.  One thing I don't think Essex will be prepared for will be the all-out passing attack that QB Joe Thompson will bring. Have the Blades' DBs really faced any decent passing offences yet? Expect to see lots of Slants (quintessential Jim Messenger), with big gains after the play.

Herts will put up a big lead in the first half, play backups, and still score, although I think the Essex O has the potential to put up a consolation score late in the game against backups.

Herts 49 - 7 Blades

Kings College Regents @ Cambridgeshire Pythons 
Two teams that won't be eagerly waiting for the playoffs (unless they like refreshing the score page on Dbl!) will be fighting it out to stay away from the dreaded wooden spoon. 

Cambridgeshire have amanaged a win against ARU, but pretty much anyone half competent can manage that! Kings College have traditionally struggled on offence and relied on their defence to keep games close. However this year hasn't been their year as they racked up losses to LSBU, Greenwich and Herts.
Cambridgeshire to win by 14


RHUL Bears @ Reading Knights
The only other game for the TVC today sees a mid battle for mid table obscurity taking place in Buckinghamshire.

RHUL Have had a reasonable start to their third season in the BUAFL beating up on annual TVC piƱata Surrey and newboys Westminster. They have struggled against more established sides though, so we expect Reading to win this game coming off a good ol fashion spanking of Worcester.
Reading win by 14


  1. you missed out greenwich vs brighton

  2. you're correct in predicting the Stags vs ARU has been re-arranged this weekend due to ARU having already broken up for the semester.


  4. Cambridge by 14? Well, you only missed by 48 points.

  5. Didn't Essex have a 1-6 season last year? How did ARU disbanding affect them, especially in terms of playoffs?


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