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Top 5 BUAFL Defences

After last week’s top 5 offences we decided to try and rank the top 5 BUAFL defences. Like last week we asked you to send in your opinions on who should be in our top 5, so if your team didn’t make the cut or missed out on the top spot you should’ve got in touch when you had the opportunity!

Once again before moving onto the top 5 we’d like to give a quick mention to a few teams who didn’t make the cut, but still deserve praise for how they’ve performed so far.

Quick note – Despite the suggestion of Glasgow Tigers they unfortunately just missed out. Keep up the good work though guys!

OBU Panthers – Points conceded: 26. Average points per game: 6.5

Despite losing their first game of the season to the Destroyers last weekend, the Panthers are still on our almost list. In their first three games of the season OBU had only conceded 3 points in total (two shutouts obviously) and had a solid case for being in our top 5 list. Unfortunately conceding 20 points at the weekend kept them out of the promise land.

Portsmouth Destroyers: Points conceded: 26. Average points per game: 6.5

After relying on their defence to win the national championship last season, Portsmouth are once again showing that their D is reliable as ever, conceding an average 6.5 points per game. Despite only having one shutout this year, the Destroyers have still held two unbeaten teams to 7 and 3 points respectively, as well as holding the high powered BNU offence to 16 points.

UWE Bullets: Points conceded: 18. Average points per game: 6

Even though their offence hasn’t been scoring highly (Ed: Until their last game) the Bullets defence continues to keep UWE in the hunt to retain their SWAC title. After conceding 16 points in their first game against the continually improving Plymouth Blitz, the UWE D have held both of the Bath Universities to 0 points (UWE conceded a safety in their last game).

Hertfordshire Hurricanes: Points conceded: 27. Average points per game: 6.75

We were torn on whether to place Essex or Hertfordshire (Ed: Come again??) and ultimately decided to stick the ‘Canes in the final spot. Ultimately we decided that Herts had faced off against tougher opposition as Essex have played two rookie teams. With a shutout and two games where the ‘Canes conceded only 6 points; it will be interesting to see how Hertfordshire do with a stingy defence to complement their potent offence.

5. Birmingham Lions

Points conceded: 14. Average points per game: 3.5

Once again Birmingham claims the final spot in our top 5 rankings. Four games into the season Birmingham currently have held two teams to 0 points (Coventry got 0 first downs in their game). Their only points conceded have been against NTU and the Nottingham Outlaws, but neither team were able to post double digits against the Lions defence.

If Birmingham had repeated their regular season form from last year, they’d currently be challenging for the top spot in these rankings (seven shutouts last year). If the Lions want to remain undefeated and return to the national championship for the fourth year in a row, they will need good performances against Derby and Loughborough.

4. Hallam Warriors

Points conceded: 13. Average points per game: 3.25

Once again Hallam are in our top 5 rankings (Ed: Not at 5 though as in the power rankings ;-) )as their D seem to be continuing the good form shown last season. Last year the Warriors had five shutouts during the regular season (would’ve been 6, but Bangor forfeited). If these rankings were complied before the weekend’s fixtures, Hallam would be comfortably sitting at the number one spot after three straight shutouts. Unfortunately conceding 13 to Hull has dropped the Warriors down to the number four spot.

2T. Newcastle Raiders

Points conceded: 8. Average points per game: 2

No doubt people who don’t agree with our rankings will say that Newcastle are placed too highly due to the fact they have played weaker teams, but how can you argue against a team that has only conceded 8 points in four games?

Just like Hallam, Newcastle have only conceded points against a divisional rival ranked at 3-1, as well as having three shutouts in their other games. Their D may be helped by playing in a poor division, but so far they have managed to withstand what has been thrown their way to earn the Raiders the top spot in the Borders conference. It will be interesting to see how they fair in the playoffs once they face off against other BUAFL powerhouses with potent offences.

2T. Sheffield Sabres

Points conceded: 6. Average points per game: 2

The pressure is on the Sabres now as they head into their matchup with Lancaster this weekend. With virtually the same schedule as the Warriors so far, Sheffield slide into second place tied with Newcastle and above Hallam because the Sabres only conceded 6 points to a rival 3-1 team whereas the Warriors conceded 13.

With two shutouts so far no team has been able to score a touchdown and PAT against the Sabres. If Sheffield can hold Lancaster to 0 points, their matchup in the Steel City rivalry game will see the first matchup of teams rated in the top 5 offences and defences.

1. Loughborough Aces

Points conceded: 6. Average points per game: 1.5

Take a bow Loughborough Aces. Despite losing Head Coach (and former Tamworth DC) Jason Scott, the Loughborough D have improved on last season’s record (13 points conceded in four games) to only 6 points conceded in four games.

Like three other teams in this rankings, the Aces have three shutouts so far against seasoned teams (and Coventry), with the only team scoring on the D so far being the Staffordshire Stallions. What’s caused the improvement of the Aces D? Maybe the new head coach has installed a new defensive scheme, or their recruitment team has done very well. Either way, with Derby and Birmingham still to play this season, we will see if the Lugbug D can keep up the good form.

Do you have an idea for a top 5 ranking? If so, please email or please get in contact on Facebook or the comments section below.


  1. UWE also shut out Aberystwyth

  2. Carnegie have conceded less then Birmingham. Conceding just 13, 7 of which were against Hull on a punt return. I guess meaning defense technically only conceding 6 then.. more in line with top two??

  3. This blog is a joke always will be ...

  4. Anon #1. has been ever so reliable once again.

    Anon #2. Sorry about missing out Carnegie, maybe you could have got in contact like others did.

    Anon #3. That's your opinion, maybe you can email us explaining why it's a joke. So far the majority of the feedback has been praise from some of the highest members of the britball community.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

  5. In contact? To officially point this out? It's merely an observation

  6. anon 3# if you don't like the blog make your own!

  7. We would like an explanation of your observation so we can look to improve the blog so it is less joke worthy.

    As with previous criticism with using photographs we look at it as an opportunity to improve ourselves.

    So could whoever you are (a real name would be nice) please email us with why you think the blog is a joke and what we could do to improve it.

    Cheers mate.

  8. Just a note Glasgow's Defense has conceded 3.5 points a game as well.

    Great work on the blog guys.

  9. Brums D has only conceded one touchdown this year, the other score was a pick 6. Throwing Carnegies arguement out of the window.

  10. FYI

    Carnegie D have conceded only 6 points. The rest on ST. Those 6 points came on a drive starting on their own 5 yard line.

  11. Too right about buafl being unreliable...i just use this blog or facebook to get the scores now..keep up the good work, haters gonna hate

  12. how on earth are the sheffield sabres D even in this... if any body had seen this D play then they would know!

  13. So UWE's average should be 4.5 points per game. right?

  14. This blog is awesome
    When all u do is eat breath sleep and sh*t American football then it's nice to have something to read about our own stuff not NFL.
    Keep up the fantastic work
    And can't wait to see the article on number6 in the summer.:)

    Number6 britball family member


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