Thursday, 8 December 2011

NFL Daily Digest: News and Rumour

We are over the hump and roaring towards the weekend! Football kicks in today and there is plenty of news in the NFL!

Peyton Hillis has decided that enough is enough and will play through his cursed injury to play tonight. The decision has nothing to do with the national attention he might get in his contract year...

Radiers Cornerback Chris Johnson has had to deal with the horrific news that his sister was shot dead and mother wounded in an attack in Dallas

Adrian Peterson thinks that he is at about 70% for the weekends game. Let's be honest, his 70% is most other peoples 110%

Seahawks defensive end Rahime Brock has been charged with a DUI he committed a year ago. Justice may be slow, but it'll get ya, especially if your an NFL player with an over eagre commish

St Louis are suffering at the QB position as both Sam Bradford and AJ Feeley miss practice

Dallas Clark is cursing his Luck (see what I did there) as he is now able to practice with the Colts again.

Offensive consultant Tom Moore  will stay with the Jets for the rest of the season. Jets also hope their offence will turn up againt someone other than the Bills

Ravens vs Chargers will remain a primetime game, so the Chargers can be humiliated on national tv

Clady, Mcgahee and Royal all miss practice for the Broncos

After two seasons of being battered Mike Vick says "he gets it now" and will start sliding instead of taking people on. Better late than never I suppose

Vick will also be starting on Sunday barring a setback

Trent Williams and Fred Davies have apologised to the Redskins for ruining their season. Redskins players can also expect an apology for the same thing from Mike Shanahan and Rex Grossman soon

Trent Cole has been fined for cheap shotting Russel Okung and putting him out for the season.

Josh Freeman still isn't throwing the ball, which is a good thing as this season he has been a bit rubbish at doing it

Chris Houston (CB) Louis Delmas (FS) and Kevin Smith (RB) have all missed practice for the Detroit Lions

Green bay Packers lineman Kevin Walden has been charged for disorderly conduct

Another city wants to take the Minnesota Vikings in after their lease runs out in Minneapolis at the end of the season.

Giants have signed Tony Ugoh to replace O lineman Stacy Andrews (I thought she was a sideline reporter?) who goes on IR.

The NFL is trying to avoid the screw up at the last Superbowl where fans were left to watch games inside the stadium on TV by working with Disney

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