Thursday, 8 December 2011

BUAFL Week 6 Predictions: Border, Northern and MAC

The final week of fixtures before the winter break! Nice work to all the teams that have this weekend off. Rest up and come back strong next year in the push for the layoffs. First we take a look at the northern conferences, with our eyes on the southern conferences tomorrow!

This week also sees the first time our regional reporters put their own predictions in instead of just me trying to guess based on the sketchy at best BUAFL website. Although I did have a pretty good record even though I was accused of partaking in illegal substances with some of my score line predictions! Keep an eye on these to see how they get on.


Durham Saints @ Stirling Clansmen
After their game was called off last week Stirling will be chomping at the bit to take out a bit of frustration after their shutout loss to Glasgow two weeks ago. Durham have won their most winnable game against Teeside, but look set to struggle again this season.
Stirling to win by 35

UWS Pyros @ Edinburgh Predators
Edinburgh got off to a superb start to the season with a close victory over Glasgow, a win that massively dented the Glaswegian teams championship[ playoff hopes, but have since been hindered by weather and a very strong Stirling team.
UWS were severely beaten by Stirling in a 90-0 thumping in their last game and appear to be filling their annual role of Border whipping boys.
An easy win for the Preds by 21


Leeds Celtics @ Bradford Bears
Two teams who both played into overtime last week. Although the Bears beat MMU by more than the Celtics did, the Celtics beat the Tyrants by more of a margin. What does this tell you? Well, not a lot. The Tyrants are a new programme (like the Bears) who will be getting better week by week. The Celtics are a well-established programme with a history of success. The Bears seem to have a well drilled defence that kept a clean sheet against Carnegie, but we all know Carnegie's strength is in its D. This one should be a close and a low scoring affair.
Celtics by 4

Sheffield Sabres @ Lancaster Bombers
The Sabres seem to be incredibly focused on their cross town target, beating anyone who comes in their way. Lancaster are not the team they were last year and if they follow their current trend they're set to concede over 130 points this week. That scenario obviously isn't going to happen but the result may not be far off. This one is an open and shut case if the game isn't called off.
Sabres by 76

Huddersfield Hawks @ UH Sharks
Huddersfield have potentially the most difficult opening schedule of any team in the Northern Conference this year. They dodged the bullet with Bangor but probably won't manage to avoid this upcoming Shark attack. Hull got lucky against Carnegie on a great solo performance punt return but managed to put up points on Hallam, a team the Hawks conceded over a hundred points to. This won't be as big a blow out as everyone is expecting but will still be pretty huge.
A Blowout victory, Sharks by 48

Manchester Tyrants @ Liverpool Fury
On paper Fury are the better team. They scored against York (their only mutual opponents), have conceded less and have scored more points per game. These teams have a combined 7 losses and no victories this season. One of these teams is almost certainly going to come away with a victory but it will probably come down to which team gives away the least penalties and turn overs. Execution is what will win this game.
Fury to win by 6


Coventry Jets @ Leicester Longhorns
Coventry and Leicester have both struggled to move the ball on offense this season. After Coventry suffered a loss to Loughborough, Leicester had a close game losing 21-19 to the controversial (Ed: All they do is win!) Northampton Nemesis last weekend.
This will be a close game and a hard one to call.
Coventry to win by 7

Derby vs Loughborough
This will be our Game of the Week and a more in depth view will be posted up tomorrow following the TVC, SEC and SWAC predictions!

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