Friday, 24 May 2013

GFL Predictions

Dusseldorf Panther @ Dresden Monarchs
This one isn’t so hard to predict. With Dresden building very well in the off season adding Kiel duo Quarter back Jeff Welsh and Running back Trevar Deed to the team they are very possible German Bowl contenders. After spanking the Hamburg Blue Devils last week we have begun to see their true potential.

Dusseldorf disappointed us in their first game two weeks ago losing by three scores to Cologne Falcons, someone who we had initially put in the possible relegation group, now it looks as if Dusseldorf haven’t been building very well in the off season and they may struggle this year, they have always relied on their German talent, which is abundant but they may have begun to run out of local talent.
Dresden by five scores

Franken Knights @ Rhein-Neckar Bandits 
With the Bandits getting the 1 point edge over Wiesbaden Phantoms and Franken impressively getting the one point edge over Schwaebisch Hall, this game ‘should’ go to the Knights on paper predictions based on statistics. 

But moving away from the freak result, GFL.TV Showed us that Knights Quarterback Cedric Townsend had an impressive game and was unstoppable against the Schwaebisch defense, arguably one of the best German defenses. So if Townsend can perform again, there is no reason he can’t rush and pass all over Rhein.
Franken by 2 scores
Wiesbaden Phantoms @ Stuttgart Scorpions
This game should be interesting, both teams lost their first games to pretty evenly matched opponents, both teams don’t have any particularly impressive import resumes and their German players aren't stand outs either, with Stuttgart often losing better players to Schwaebisch Hall just north of Stuttgart that’s going to be hard to retain talented locals. Wiesbaden are looking like they could be relegated this year but its so hard to tell at this time, for this game we’re going to give it to Stuttgart though.
Stuttgart by 1 score

Munich Cowboys @ Saarland Hurricanes
Last week Saarland beat Wiesbaden, Saarland sporting a good group of imports look to be in a good position to take the Cowboys, but the Cowboys are so unpredictable. We've discussed on here the rumours of disgruntled players and players jumping ship to GFL2 teams such as Starnberg Argonauts. We still think the Cowboys are a tough outfit though after a big win over Franken 30-14, we don’t see why Saarland would really be in their way.
Munich by 3 Scores

Braunschweig Lions @ Berlin Rebels
Braunschweig’s first game of the season is upon them in this crazy German schedule. In the off season they managed to snag Swarco Raiders play maker John Clements who whilst at the Raiders became an all-round player when the AFL rules changed from 4 game day imports to 2 he was forced to play both sides of the ball, this has only benefitted him. 

Berlin shocked the football world by beating Wanja Mueller’s Berlin Adler at the start of the season, but they haven’t had a game since then so anything could happen. The Lions seem to be stepping things up this year and with John Clements we think they will have no trouble beating Berlin.
Braunschweig by 2 Scores

BAFANL Premier Division Predictions

Premiership North

Coventry Jets vs Tamworth Phoenix
OK, we're as sick of all the "Jets Grounded" puns as you all are, but the brutal facts are that their offence looked good against Nottingham (whose wouldn't?), but has done very little since then. Defensively they've been OK, keeping East Kilbride to a respectable score and blanking Yorkshire (although they did concede a score on offence), but they'll have to be on top form against their West Midlands rivals.

Tamworth seem to be shifting through the gears nicely in their games so far, looking comfortable without ever ripping anybody apart. This may be the weekend for that, with one of British football's emerging stars in Brad Thompson leading the offence.
Tamworth by four scores

Birmingham Bulls vs Lancashire Wolverines
Stifled by their own redzone ineptitude as much as a dominant Martyn Lee performance last time out, Birmingham will be smarting at 1-1, and desperate to move back to a winning record against Lancashire.

Despite being in different divisions last season, there really isn't much between these two teams. Lancashire got bashed by Tamworth in their only game so far, but that seems like it happened in a different lifetime, so long has their "break" been. Expect a refreshed Wolfpack to prove tough for the Bulls.
Birmingham by less than a score

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