Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Premiership South Power Rankings Week Seven

1. London Blitz (1-0)

The last week in which some random prose has to be written to cover a team that hasn’t played in ages. They’ll be itching to play with so much time off, with the Cats their first opponent in a two game streak. Unless we see a shock result, we don’t expect to see a change in this power ranking until the final game of the season.

2. London Warriors (4-0)

Another high scoring shut out victory for the Warriors. With comparable scores, the score could have been in the 80's (given the Warriors beat the Cats by 50+, and the Cats beat the Saxons by 28), but we saw a little lower score. Judging by the score breakdown, with the majority of points coming in the 1st half, it might be reasonable to assume the Warriors put their backups in early to improve their depth. The Warriors role on to another week in the second game of a three game stretch against Berkshire.

3. London Olympians (0-1)

The O’s may be 0-1, but any other team (with the exception of possibly the Blitz), if they had only played 1 game against the Warriors would also be 0-1. If the rankings were based on record, this would just be a league table.

Premiership North Power Rankings Week Seven

1. East Kilbride Pirates (2-0)
There is some debate in Double Coverage Towers as to whether East Kilbride are all that, but our man in the know is convinced last year's division winners haven't even got started yet. This weekend's game - where they welcome in form Doncaster - will be intriguing.

2. Tamworth Phoenix (3-0)
Three wins, zero points conceded. Whatever they're feeding them in Tamworth, it's working. Nottingham are next in line this weekend, so it looks like Caesar Salad is on the menu...

3. Doncaster Mustangs (4-0)
Are Doncaster the real deal? We should find out this weekend when they travel north top take on current #1 East Kilbride. If they win, we'll see a new team atop the rankings.

4. Sheffield Predators (2-0)
The Predators remain at #4 in the hit parade, still riding the crest of the wave they created by beating Yorkshire last weekend.

National League Power Rankings Week Seven

1. Chester Romans (3-0)
Again, no game for the Romans this week. They’ve gone from dark horses in the division to one of the favourites now, can their young team handle the pressure? We’ll see come the 9th June as they head to Merseyside to take on the high flying Nighthawks.
2. Bedfordshire Blue Raiders (4-0)
The Blue Raiders remain undefeated with a 44-6 win over Maidstone. Other teams have put more on the Pumas and those six are the first the team have scored in four games but Bedfordshire are looking convincing early on. Can they keep up the undefeated run?
3. Solent Thrashers (3-0)
Solent beat last week’s number 10 team, the Gloucester Centurions, 26-19 to cement their place in the top three of our Power Rankings. The newly rebranded Thrashers have made a solid if not overly impressive start against some tough opposition but they’ll be happy to continue their unbeaten run. Next up they host Farnham who they beat convincingly 24-6 in their first game.

EFAF European Championships 2014 in Austria.

Courtesy of Europlayers.

The EFAF European Championships 2014 will be held in Austria. EFAF has assigned the organization of the elite six-team tournament to the Austrian federation AFBÖ. The tournament will be held from May 30 until June 7, when it will conclude with the final game at Ernst Happel Stadium at Vienna. The game for third place will also be played in Austria's biggest and state-of-the-art arena. Preliminary group matches are scheduled in St. Pölten and Graz. The matches in the preliminary group of reigning European champion Germany and the fourth and fifth-placed teams of the last A-pool tournament from Sweden and Finland will be played in St. Pölten. France, runner-up in 2010, and the European Championships bronze medalist of 2010 and 2014 host Austria and the winner of the upcoming B-pool tournament in Italy for group play will join in Graz.

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