Friday, 17 February 2012

Jim Blinkhorn Statement on MMU

After reporting on his departure from MMU with the statement from the club we were contacted by Jim Blinkhorn himself who wanted to give a statement himself.

BUAFL Week 10 Predictions: MAC

Our Predictions from the MAC (not including our FAUK predictions found here)

BUAFL Week 10 Predictions: TVC

Our BUAFL predictions for week 10's TVC fixtures.

FAUK Bowl Game Preview

Our Big game preview for the biggest game of the season so far!
Loughborough Aces @ Birmingham Lions

FAUK Bowl Buildup: Interview with Paul Sherratt

An interview with Loughborough Aces head coach Paul Sherratt ahead of the FAUK Bowl this Saturday.

MMU Eagles Statement on Head Coach Jim Blinkhorn

A statement from the MMU Eagles with regards to Jim Blinkhorn stepping down as head coach.

BUAFL & BAFANL Match Reports

With the increasing amount of match reports we are receiving every week we have decided to make this statement to let you guys know how we want to receive them and to give you some pointers as to what we are looking for.

1) We ask that all match reports sent to us are attached as a Microsoft word document, with 12pt Calibri font as the body text and 12pt Calibri bold font as the header text.

2) We can only guarantee publishing match reports we receive by Wednesday lunchtime (12pm). After this our schedule is full of predictions and other weekend related content, so there can be no guarantee your work will be published (and we do hate leaving good work behind).

3) Try and mention as many names as possible, including the opposition teams names (all it takes is a quick email or facebook message)! One of our goals at Double Coverage is to give British American Football a "face" people recognise. Every team has their stars and legends, so give them an opportunity to be recognised through us.

4) Always try and add a photo (also attached) to the report. This also plays into giving Britball a face. If you can't get a photo then we will still publish your article, it just might not get as much attention as one full of photography.

If you are using a photographers photos please ask permission first and also ask how they want to be credited on the site. We are trying hard to work with the communities photographers, who are a crucial part of getting the image of American Football in the UK out to the world.

5) Details! The more detail the better! If you can include stats from the game we can edit them in or add them where we think appropriate. Any time you can get comment from head coaches or players is also great and adds to the depth of a reprot.

Thankyou for taking the time to read this and we look forward to reading your match reports!

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