Friday, 17 February 2012

BUAFL Week 10 Predictions: MAC

Our Predictions from the MAC (not including our FAUK predictions found here)

Derby Braves @ York Centurions
A big game for both teams, with post-season implications a-plenty.  Derby have had a decent season, but find themselves on the brink of elimination from the post season should they fall to more than one defeat in their remaining schedule (which includes Birmingham).

York meanwhile sit at 3-1 in the Northern, but with Hallam and Hull still to play as well, they  may be lucky to reach the plate for a second season.  Derby have put up a lot of points against lesser opposition this season, and while York will put up a decent fight, we can’t see past the Braves in this one
Derby by three scores

NTU Renegades @ Worcester Royals
Oh, what chance an easy game for Worcester?  We have been harsh on the Royals here at Double Coverage, and we wish we could write something positive ahead of this game – we really do!

NTU are another team that know they need to win out to reach the post-season, and even that isn’t guaranteed with Derby holding a tie-breaker over them.  Luckily for them, Worcester will not be much of an obstacle, sitting at the foot of the MAC with a points difference of -142, which could easily reach -200 by the end of this one.
NTU by five scores

Northampton Nemesis @ Warwick Wolves
Earlier in the year, this trip along the M45 was seen as Northampton’s first real test in their rookie season, and a chance to see how good the Nemesis really are.  That, however, was before Warwick were double-winged to death by a Leicester team that – by their own admission – are still learning the formation.

Northampton have found a way to get it done against everyone so far this season; no teams have been comprehensively thrashed, yet only the Longhorns may look back and think they should have won against them.  Can the Wolves buck that trend?  Close, but no cigar.
Northampton by two scores

Lincoln Colonials @ Coventry Jets
Let’s face it – Coventry have stunk this season.  All ten points coming in one game (admittedly one they should have won at Leicester), and hefty lumpings against the big teams.  Lincoln meanwhile started the season full of hope – young coaching staff, nice early schedule, and pre-Christmas plate contenders.

The wheels may not be completely off at the Colonials, but the axels are wobbling.  Heavy defeats to UEA and NTU preceded throwing in the towel before the opening bell against Birmingham, but those of the lemon sorbet pants should be able to get their act together in this one.
Lincoln by two scores

Leicester Longhorns @ Staffordshire Stallions
A tale of two teams that really should be doing better.  Leicester could still mathematically qualify for the plate, but – with a remaining schedule that features Loughborough – it would probably take a mathematics professor to calculate their chances. 

Currently a two-win team with a decent chance of going .500, the Longhorns will be keen to tame the Stallions.  Staffordshire must yearn for that days of a huge, well-drilled offensive line and Ed Goka in the backfield, and have struggled again this season.  A win over MMU won’t paper over any cracks I’m afraid – double wing to triumph (again)
Leicester by three scores


  1. Just wondered who said "still learning the offense?" on behalf of the Longhorns? Happy to do a full interview if you like, but just wondered about your source?

    Lee McMahon
    Head Coach
    Leicester Longhorns

  2. Evening Coach,

    I took your comments on the Double Wing article (see to mean that your team are still learning the offence, as the switch was made in the off-season(?). Apologies if you took it as a sleight on your offence - it wasn't intended that way.

    Thanks for your comment, and we'll certainly be getting in touch at some point as the double wing discussion will no doubt become prominent again in the near future.

  3. Isabelle Yellowkitchen19 February 2012 at 22:06

    Double Wing is anti football for talentless players and knowledge deprived coaches

    1. Double Wing is anti Football? Care to elabourate? DW harks back to the roots of football and is for teams who have a small but mobile line. Just because teams who run DW don't throw the ball as much, would you rather teams like Nemesis and Longhorns went for a spread offense and lost every game?

      Look at it this way - in the MAC, Leicester won one game last year. For them to be 3-3 and Northants (a brand new team) to be currently undefeated looking to knock LugBug into the Plate is a fantastic thing.

      In conclusion, if DW is played by 'talentless players', why do these teams keep winning against your so called 'talented' players?

  4. We're considering re-naming it the Delapre Double Winning :-)


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