Saturday, 22 June 2013

Coach Criner Returns to Britain for a Coaching Special

Courtesy of Kenny Murray

American Football has been through tumultuous times in Britain. Since the end of the NFL Europe franchise and the teams in Scotland and England, American Football has survived as part of a British league due to the hard work of many around the home nations. Recent events such as the Wembley NFL games and talk of an NFL franchise in London, as well as the drafting of Lawrence O'Koye show that American Football is enjoying a homecoming in Britain and indeed Scotland.

A former Head Coach of the Claymores is also having a homecoming of sorts...

On 22 June 1996, Coach Jim Criner sat down with his Scottish Claymores coaching staff, a single malt for company, to prepare them for the biggest game of their season.

The next day on the 23rd he coached the Scottish Claymores to a stunning victory in the Claymores home stadium of Murrayfield bringing the World Bowl to the football daft Scottish fans.

Jump forward 17 years and Coach Criner is once again in his second home, Scotland, preparing for a very different opponent.

On Saturday June 22nd at Stirling University Coach Criner and Coach Lynn Stiles (former assistant coach to Utah, Iowa, UCLA, San Jose State, Philadelpia Eagles, San Fransisco 49ers & St Louis Rams) are holding a coaching clinic for the British American Football Association.

The clinic is open to anyone, with a cost of £10 for non BAFCA members and BAFCA members will pay a reduced fee of just £5.00 as part of BAFCA's support for continued learning.

New Orleans Saints Cheerleaders "22"

Uh oh, it looks like we have a cheer off!

earlier this week we posted the video forthe Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders performing a cover of Taylor Swifts song "22"

Now it's come to our attention that the New Orleans Saints cheerleaders (the "Saintsations"...) also made their own cover of the same song and more to the point released theirs a day earlier! Being in the business of balanced reporting we feel it necessary to share the video for comparison.

And the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders version, just for comparison...

Irish Football Preview

Playoff football! The Shamrock Bowl Conference heads in to the post season as the Wildcard Playoffs take place tomorrow! It’s been an up and down season and it’s going to have the same pattern going into these match ups, up for one team and down for another.

Meanwhile the race for the IAFL-1 title heats up as the teams at the top look to put themselves a step above their rivals.

Photo by Ariane Boudias

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