Wednesday, 8 February 2012

BUAFL Game Report: The Upset!

With rivalry weekend being a majority let down for most teams with numerous games being called off due to the snow and frozen pitches, one match stands out as a true representation of a rivalry game. The south coast of England is famed for its sea breeze that keeps the really bad weather at bay when the rest of the country is suffering. Coupled with a brand new 3G facility, one game took place in Southampton this weekend.

BUAFL: Top 5 Matches left in the season

Continuing on from last week’s top 5, where we looked at the best rivalry games of the weekend, we decided to focus on the top 5 matches left in the BUAFL season. Hopefully these games won’t get postponed like majority of the games on last week’s!

First off, as usual we begin with the games that didn’t make the cut.

Nottingham Outlaws vs. Northampton Nemesis – Now this isn’t a game that people will be rushing to see, we decided to include it on the just made the cut list because we will finally see how the Nemesis perform against a team that could end up playing in the playoffs. Will Northampton buckle under the pressure of facing decent opposition, or will they silence the doubters by continuing their winning ways? All we know is, if the Outlaws win this game the naysayers will be all over the comments section and forums ridiculing Northampton and not giving any kudos to Nottingham.

Kent Falcons vs. Hertfordshire Hurricanes – This game is the first time we get to see the Hurricanes against a playoff standard team, meaning we can see if they are good enough to deserve the praise they have been receiving during the season, but the game misses out on being the top 5 because we still believe that this game could end up being a huge blowout victory for Hertfordshire. Last year the ‘Canes defeated the Falcons 30-0.

The Clinic: A Series on the Endicott Gulls Defence - Defensive Front

Coach Jason Scott returns with part 2 in his series looking at the Endicott Gulls defence. This week he talks about how the Gulls set their front.

The Endicott Gulls Defensive Front
I’ve been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work for the Endicott College Gulls (Beverly, Ma) as their Defensive Line Coach this past season. One of our key objectives this year was to improve our rush defense, so naturally we work very hard at each practice to prepare to stop the run, and set very high standards for ourselves every game – after all, no-one rises to low standards...

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