Wednesday, 18 January 2012

BUAFL Top Five: Bowl Games

After suggesting that the league should consider having bowl games next season instead of Championship and Plate Trophy playoffs, we have decided to dedicate this week’s top 5 to the top 5 bowl games we would like to see.

So onto the list!

Here are a few ideas for bowl games that came up, but alas they didn't make the final cut:

Hertfordshire Hurricanes vs Brighton Tsunami in the Natural Disaster, bowl sponsored by FEMA

Nottingham Outlaws vs UEA Pirates in the Law Abiding Citizen bowl, sponsored by Dog the Bounty Hunter

Cardiff Cobras vs Cambridge Python in the "I hate snakes" bowl, sponsored by Indiana Jones

Durham Saints vs Exeter Demons in the Good versus Evil bowl, sponsored by Microsoft and Apple

The Clinic: Choice/Naked Concept from the Gun

The second in our new Clinic articles features our first guest writer, with Coach Rich Worsell from the University of La Verne talking to us about his Choice-Naked concept.
Coach Worsell, making the Choice not to be Naked...
Rich Worsell has just completed his first season at the University of La Verne, serving as Offensive Coordinator for the Leopards. The Leos finished tied for the 3rd in the SCIAC and had three different All Conference players and one national player of the week in his first year directing the offense. 

Prior to his arrival, Worsell spent three seasons as Offensive Coordinator at Illinois College.  During his first season at Illinois College, the Blueboy squad set 14 school records and five Midwest Conference Records.
He previously spent three seasons as the pass game coordinator at Millikin University and during the three years he produced three different All Conference receivers.  

Prior to coaching at Millikin, Worsell spent two years at Lakeland College in Wisconsin. During this time Lakeland won a share of the IBFC Championship and was ranked #8 nationally in scoring Offense (2003) scoring 40.1 points per game.

Born and raised in England, Worsell is a 2003 graduate of Aberystwyth University during which time he served as the Head Coach for three years, in addition to serving as the Great Britain Bulldogs Offensive Line coach. In 2003 he was the Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator for the Sussex Thunder.

Quick Passing Game made easy – The 3 step boot game

In writing this article I wanted to put together something that has been proven at multiple levels of football. The 3 step boot game currently has been a staple of offenses I have been a part of since 2003 and has spread through the ranks in the US. I learnt the play from Jim Zebrowski when we coached together at Lakeland College (Zebrowski is currently the Quarterback coach at Minnesota).

Choice Naked from 3x1 in the gun
The basic concept of the play is to have two pass plays in one. Lining up in a 3x1 formation with a tight end to the three receiver side you have the single receiver run a choice route into the boundary. The QB (positioned in the gun) catches the snap, sets his feet to throw the boundary pass, if he doesn’t like it then nakeds out of the pocket to the field with another route concept going on.

The pass protection scheme is simple as the offensive line slides to the boundary, with each man blocking the gap to the side, the running back aligns to the field, on the snap of the ball he steps for the width and pins the outside shoulder of the defensive end.

The reason for it being a great play for most offenses is that you can isolate your best receiver and give him great freedom. It was a big part of our passing game when at Illinois College and we were a top ten passing team in the nation. 

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