Thursday, 24 November 2011

BUAFL Week 4 Predictions Part 1

Hertfordshire Hurricanes vs Canterbury Chargers
Herts have burst out of the blocks putting up 110 points and only conceding 15 in their first two games. Canterbury got off to a good start winning their first game, but this Herts team is the best in the country right now and will prove too much.
Dbl Coverage predicts: Herts to win by a cricket score

Kings College Regents vs LSBU Spartans
Kings have taken two pretty bad beating and look to be in for a long season in what is quite a tough division. LSBU recovered from a start beset by poor execution to beat UEA and will be looking to build momentum to try and grab a playoff place.
Dbl Coverage Predicts: A win for the LSBU Spartans by 8

Brighton Tsunami vs Greenwich Mariners
Greenwich sit with a 1-1 record, but were a two point conversion away from winning their first game. Team could build on their last win and push for a playoff place. Brighton need to get it together quickly or they may fall out of the running for a place in the plate playoffs.
Dbl: Coverage Prediction: Greenwich Mariners to Win by 14

Anglia Ruskin Phantoms vs Kent Falcons
Anglia have gotten off to their traditional poor start and look to be the whipping boys of the SEC. They will be looking to the games against newly associated teams to get some wins. However they won’t be getting one against a Kent Falcons team that looks destined to challenge for a playoff spot.
Dbl Coverage Prediction: Kent Falcons Win by a lot

Plymouth Blitz vs Gloucester Gladiators
Gloucester look to have taken a step backwards from two years ago when they beat Bath Spa in an associate game. They got spanked 40-14 in their last game.  Plymouth must be confident heading into this game having beaten Gloucester last year and have only lost their last two games by a combined 10 points to two Playoff calibre teams.
Dbl Coverage Prediction: Plymouth Blitz to win by 14

NFL Week 12 Predictions

Another respectable week for my predictions although I believe that I can do better this week.

Last week’s record = 10-4

Overall Record = 29-15

Thanksgiving Day Games

GB Packers @ DET Lions

As I pointed out in the power rankings the Packers D seems to have gone back to their early season form after getting destroyed (literally!) by LaGarrette Blount. A victory over the Bucs was probably too close to comfort for a lot of cheese heads as the team carries on the pursuit of perfection, but as long as Aaron Rodgers and his receiving core continue to score TD’s from all over the place the Pack should be sitting pretty heading into the post season.

The Lions got back to winning ways against the Panthers even if they made it hard for themselves again, eventually winning the slugfest 49-35. The return of Kevin Smith and the ability to score with someone else other than Megatron means the Lions should be one of the more feared teams in the playoffs should they make it that far.

Don’t be surprised if the Lions manage to end the Packers unbeaten run.

Dbl Coverage Prediction: The Packers are in for a fight on thanksgiving, but they’ll still win by 9.

MIA Dolphins @ DAL Cowboys

If Miami keep on winning will Tony Sparano and Matt Moore keep their jobs? One of them should, the other should’ve gone a long time ago. The Matt Moore led Dolphins haven’t lost in November and whilst they don’t have the best of chances to make the playoffs, they may be able to knock other teams out of the post season even before it’s begun.

Dallas have also not lost in November (you watch this game end in a tie now) and now find themselves on top of the NFC East, a conference which nobody wants to win by the looks of things. Since the emergence of DeMarco Murray, the Cowboys have been one of top teams in the NFC and should to continue to dominate as we head towards the end of the season. All they need to do now is teach Rob Ryan to keep his mouth shut and people might start respecting them again.

Dbl Coverage Prediction: I’m 55-45% certain that the Cowboys will win due to the game being held on thanksgiving, so Dallas by 10.

SF 49ers @ BAL Ravens 

A Bro vs. Bro fight! Thanksgiving must be quieter with the brothers Harbaugh take on each other for the first time.

The 49ers are continuing to improve as the season progresses, this time beating the Arizona Cardinals to extend their winning streak to eight. Boy doesn’t that loss to Dallas seem like a long
time ago? If results go their way this week, the 49ers can lock up the NFC West and be the first team into the playoffs.

Was it a touchdown or not? I’d say yes but fortunately for the Ravens the refs decided to overturn Jermaine Greshams TD handing the Ravens a 7 point victory. Hopefully for the Ravens D normality will be resumed with the return of Ray Lewis to inspire them to victory.

A matchup of two teams with average QBs, good running games and top 10 defences lead by a guy wearing number 52.

Dbl Coverage Prediction: One of the losing streaks is ending this week and it’s the 49ers one. Ravens to win by 4. 

NFL Daily Digest: News and Rumour

There were a load of roster moves last night as the trade deadline passed and Kyle Orton was the hottest Waiver wire commodity after several teams lost their starting QB's to injury. 

Read on after the break for your daily morning update on news from around the NFL.

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