Thursday, 24 November 2011

BUAFL Week 4 Predictions Part 1

Hertfordshire Hurricanes vs Canterbury Chargers
Herts have burst out of the blocks putting up 110 points and only conceding 15 in their first two games. Canterbury got off to a good start winning their first game, but this Herts team is the best in the country right now and will prove too much.
Dbl Coverage predicts: Herts to win by a cricket score

Kings College Regents vs LSBU Spartans
Kings have taken two pretty bad beating and look to be in for a long season in what is quite a tough division. LSBU recovered from a start beset by poor execution to beat UEA and will be looking to build momentum to try and grab a playoff place.
Dbl Coverage Predicts: A win for the LSBU Spartans by 8

Brighton Tsunami vs Greenwich Mariners
Greenwich sit with a 1-1 record, but were a two point conversion away from winning their first game. Team could build on their last win and push for a playoff place. Brighton need to get it together quickly or they may fall out of the running for a place in the plate playoffs.
Dbl: Coverage Prediction: Greenwich Mariners to Win by 14

Anglia Ruskin Phantoms vs Kent Falcons
Anglia have gotten off to their traditional poor start and look to be the whipping boys of the SEC. They will be looking to the games against newly associated teams to get some wins. However they won’t be getting one against a Kent Falcons team that looks destined to challenge for a playoff spot.
Dbl Coverage Prediction: Kent Falcons Win by a lot

Plymouth Blitz vs Gloucester Gladiators
Gloucester look to have taken a step backwards from two years ago when they beat Bath Spa in an associate game. They got spanked 40-14 in their last game.  Plymouth must be confident heading into this game having beaten Gloucester last year and have only lost their last two games by a combined 10 points to two Playoff calibre teams.
Dbl Coverage Prediction: Plymouth Blitz to win by 14

Cardiff Cobras vs Bristol Barracuda
The Cuda have a a shaky start to the season, only just beating new boys Bath Spa by a couple of scores. Cardiff also weren’t too hot winning by 5 over Plymouth. This one is hard to pick between the two teams, but last year the Cuda comprehensively beat the Cobras by 4 scores, so we are going to go with past records on this one.
Dbl Coverage Predicts: Cuda to win by 2

Bath Spa Bulldogs vs Swansea Titans
Bath will be coming into this game on a high after their huge win over Gloucester last weekend and will need all the help they can get against a Swansea team which also got their first win of the season. Another close game in the SWAC, which we think Swansea can just win.
Double Coverage Prediction: Swansea to win by 7


Imperial Immortals  vs Portsmouth Destroyers
A massive game for Imperial, who get an opportunity to show if they are contenders or pretenders. Both teams feature high up in our power rankings and this game promises to be a good one. However Portsmouth have continued their momentum from last year, continuing to snuff out opposing offences and grind their way through opposing defences.
Dbl Coverage predicts: Destroyers to win by 14

Brunel Burners vs BNU Buccaneers
BNU are the best team without a win in the league. Putting up huge numbers on offence something has to give soon. Brunel are rapidly turning into the Brunel Bengals, with coaches banned and fired they will be hoping off field drama doesn’t take their mind of the double wing.
Double Coverage Predicts: BNU to win by 21

Solent Redhawks vs  Southampton Stags
How ‘bout dem Stags! After a slobberknocker of a game vs BNU the Stags have destroyed everything in their way conceding only 12 points in two games and continuing to rack up points. Solent.. have done the opposite.
Double Coverage predicts: Stags to win by a cricket score

Surrey Stingers vs Westminster Dragons
These two teams have combined for a measly 14 points for and a whopping 174 points against, so it’s definitely the first toilet bowl game of the season. Hard to pick a winner from this, but associate teams can sometimes draw on that new enthusiasm to get one over experienced opponents.
Double Coverage Predicts: Westminster to win by 2

Royal Holloway Bears vs OBU Panthers
OBU have opened the season with two great wins, one against a very good BNU team after some serious trash talking online. Holloway have two solid wins against lesser opponents, but won’t be able to depend on their opponents being weaker in this game.
Dbl Coverage predicts: OBU to win by 21  


  1. UWE @ Aber will be going ahead this weekend too, rearranged from Week 2.

  2. I think the Glos and Bath Spa comments are a bit off both teams are better than last year, but were very poor last year as first year teams. This week will probably show how how much they have improved as both Swansea and Plymouth look better than last year too.

  3. Tough comments on Gloucester as they have 25 rookies this year and will always take time to eradicate mistakes, i think they are better than their result suggested.

  4. uwe have 45 rookies this year and they still win games
    i think UWE will have Aber by 5 Scores or more, anyone want to say otherwise?

  5. The Greenwich vs Brighton game is not on this week, to be played in Week 6

  6. Number of rookies is irrelevant, number of starters returning is the key player experience stat.

    Good coaching can improve the situation either way.


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