Friday, 25 November 2011

NFL Daily Digest: News and Rumour

I hope everyone enjoyed their turkey day filling of football! The Dbl Coverage NFL predictiona team sure did, going 3-0 in it's predictions for the night. Ndamokung Suh certainly didn't get in the spirit and instead prefered to give his foot to a Greenbay lineman, stay classy!

The Har-Bowl was won by older brother Jon and the Ravens in a game ruled by two ridiculous defences (49ers still haven't conceded a rushing TD this year).

Dallas relied on another team fumbling snaps and making mistakes to gift them a win, but Miami have to be pleased with the play of Reggie Bush and Mattt Moore, who show a terrific amount of upside (for some reason).

Now for the news...

The Luck furore is now going to really pick up steam, now that Yahoo is reporting he won't stay at Stanford for one more year.

We spoke about Andrew Luck a couple of weeks ago in this article. At least this takes one of the variables out of the equation for other teams

Mark Clayton has been put on IR for the Rams, who signed KR/WR Nick Miller as a replacement

Kevin Smith can't catch a break (or catches too many), as he gets injured again

The highest paid corner in the league got carted off at Eagles practice with a knee injury, but apparently it isn't serious

Tyler Palko will get another chance to start before the Kyle Orton era begins in Kansas

Tom Brady moved to ease concerns over the elbow injury on his throwing arm

Staying with the Pats, Ross Ventrone has been cut and resigned to bring his transaction total up to 18 and counting

The Bucs have kindly reduced their season ticket prices for their fans

Chargers were able to sell off 3400 tickets to lift the blackout, so we can all watch Von Miller hit Phillip "Cry me a" Rivers over and over again.

Albert Haynesworth may not love football (according to Chris Cooley anyway), but he sure does love to hit Schaub

And that'll do!

As a side note, tonight sees LSU take on Arkansas in a game that would have huge ramifications in the BCS rankings. Check it out to see a bunch of future NFL players duke it out for a place in the national championship game!

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