Friday, 25 November 2011

BUAFL Week 4 Predictions Part 2


Edinburgh Napier Knights vs UWS Pyros
A battle between two teams, I can’t see this being a particularly great game. Neither team has impressed, with only Pyro have scoring this season.
Dbl Coverage Predicts: Pyros to win by 14

Northumbria Mustangs vs Durham Saints
Northumbria won this fixture last year, so may have the psychological edge in this game. Both teams are at 1-1 in the division and  will be looking to maintain form and push for the last Plate place behind Glasgow, Newcastle and Stirling.
Dbl Coverage Predicts: A tough one to call, but we’re going with Northumbria by 7

Sunderland Spartans vs Teesside Cougars
Sunderland haven’t had the benefit of a bye week so far this year (why do we even have bye weeks!?) and have fought their way t o a 1-2 record. Teeside are looking to open their account so far and haven’t recovered from the mauling they got in the first game of the season.
Dbl Coverage Predicts: Sunderland win by 2

Glasgow Tigers vs Stirling Clansmen
The first big clash north of the border as top of the table Stirling take on 3rd place Glasgow. Glasgow have already suffered one shock defeat this season and can’t afford to lose if they want to make the Championship playoffs. Stirling are on fire and look impossible to stop on at the moment.
Dbl Coverage Predicts: Stirling to win by 7


Huddersfield Hawks vs  Sheffield Hallam Warriors
WAAARRRIORS COME OUT TO PLAYAY! Right, now that’s over with…
Huddersfield may have only played one game, but the extra rest and time to practice won’t help them against one of our top ranked teams. Hallam look set to win the division (if the amazing Mudddogs renaissance ends) and make their way into the Championship Playoffs.
Dbl Coverage Predicts: Hallam win by 50

UH Sharks vs Leeds Carnegie
Last years Plate runners up are in the middle of another push for the playoffs and face their first big challenge of the season against a good Carnegie team. Carnegie have had an easy start to the season beating up on Liverpool and Lancaster, but this game will be a sterner test.
Dbl Coverage predicts: A tough one to call, but we still fancy the Sharks to win by 7

Sheffield Sabres vs Bangor MudDogs
Anyone who predicted that Bangor would be going into this game at 3-0 for the season is a liar. A huge turn around for the two time “worst team in the country” winners, but like the UH Sharks, this is the first real test for them. Sheffield have stepped up their game and look to be involved in the 5 way battle for the playoff places in what is a very tough division.
Dbl Coverage Predicts: I’m taken up by the romance of Bangor going from zeros to heroes. Muddogs to win by 14 (I just know this is going to bite me in the ass)

Lancaster Bombers vs Leicester Longhorns
Two absolutely awful teams face off in a game that only has meaning if you want to avoid last place. Leicester managed to lose to Lincoln, who are also awful and Lancaster have conceded nearly 200 points in 3 games. Just awful….
Dbl Coverage Predicts: Leicester to win by 14

Leeds Celtics vs Coventry Jets
Both of these teams have suffered at the hands of teams ranked far above them with Leeds getting stuffed by Hallam and Coventry getting dominated by Birmingham. A tough one to call, but Leeds have momentum with them.
Dbl Coverage Predicts: Celtics by 7


Birmingham Lions vs Nottingham Outlaws
A tough double header  for Nottingham, who just got over playing Loughbrough. Hopefully they can mentall get up for this game, or we could be facing a cricket score. Birmingham have begun the season in typical form and don’t appear to be effected by the loss of Tristan Varney.  Can’t see many positives for Nottingham.
Dbl Coverage Predicts: Lions to maul Nottingham by 45 points

Lincoln Colonials vs UEA Pirates
An interesting out of division battle that pits a team with playoff hopes against the Lincolnshire Colonials. UEA were trounced by Herts, but that is to be expected when you are facing the Dbl Coverage #1 ranked team. Lincoln managed to win a game, but we don’t see that trend continuing.
Dbl Coverage predicts: UEA to win by 21

Derby Braves vs DMU Falcons
DMU are a new team and lost to Northampton (also a new team) and beat up on Worcester, the whipping boys of the MAC. We at Dbl Coverage think Derby are destined for the plate playoffs with a probable 4th place finish.
Dbl Coverage Predicts: Derby to win by 14

Loughborough Aces vs Staffordshire Stallions
Staffordshire got thumped by Derby in their last game and will not be looking forward to one of my favourites to the Championship game. Loughborough have been smushing everything behind them (yes… smushing) and look set to go unbeaten until their HUGE matchup with Birmingham.
Dbl Coverage predicts: An easy Loughborough win by 35

NTU Renegades vs Warwick Wolves
An unfortunate schedule for both teams see them with no wins at all. NTU are a good team that just happen to have taken on two of the best teams in the country in their last two games. Warwick are an ok team that fell victim to the Loughborough pain train. NTU have the defence to pull this one out of the bag.
Dbl Coverage Predicts: NTU to win by 7

Worcester Royals vs Reading Knights
As a Worcester Alum I would love nothing more than to predict a Worcester win. However I honestly don’t see it happening even though they have put scores on the board for once, they don’t seem able to stop a cold. I incorrectly changed last week’s prediction for Reading to give them a win, please prove me right this week…
Dbl Coverage Predicts: Reading to win by 17

And that’s it for the weekend predictions. If your team isn’t here, then it was probably part of yesterday’s Part 1 predictions. Check out our Week 12 NFL predictions as well (off to a flyer with a 3-0 start).


  1. Wow only 21 by Hallam?

  2. NTU by 7? You guys really don't like Trent do you?

  3. Edinburgh Predators26 November 2011 at 13:37

    clansmen-tigers, "first" big clash game. have you been rubbing drugs in your eyes. HOW can you say this, when the predators "shockingly" beat tigers and then preds-clans wasnt a big clash, jesus hating on the borders a bit too much.


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