Thursday, 3 November 2011

Weekly Top 5.

Everybody will have opinions on who the most overrated players in the NFL are. The following five are players who I believe get more hype than they deserve. Like I said it’s just my opinion so feel free to comment on who you would put in there instead.

Number 5 – Devin Hester
Quick, elusive, can read the field and knows how to follow his blockers which is everything you want in a returner. Unfortunately the problem is he gets paid elite receiver money to return kickoffs and punts.
If it wasn’t for his returning skills, Hester wouldn’t be a starting wide receiver, heck I don’t even think he’d be employed by an NFL franchise.
Until Hester starts constantly making plays in the Bears’ offence as a receiver, I will not buy into the hype this guy receives.

Number 4 – Philip Rivers
Rivers was fortunate enough to end up in the AFC West when the Chargers traded for him,since he has become the starting QB of the Chargers none of his opponents, until recently, have really challenged them for the divisional crown. This allows Rivers to look good as he guides his team to the playoffs year in and year out with 6 games against weaker opposition.
Rivers has also had two of the best receiving backs in the league for the past few years (LT, a future hall of famer and Sproles), now they have gone Rivers is looking distinctly average.
Can a guy who plays in the AFC West, relies on RB’s and TE’s to look good, shouts at refs when a pass falls incomplete and constantly chokes in the playoffs be considered a top 5 QB?
With the hype Rivers receives yes, in reality though? No.
Number 3 – Mark Sanchez
I still don’t know how this guy is a starting QB and the fact he gets praise for leading the New York Jets to two straight AFC championship games bemuses me.
“The Sanchize” has been able to ride the success of a top five rushing offence and top five defence for his first two years in the league. Fortunately the NY media are too busy hating on Eli Manning to see how awful a QB Sanchez really is.
He’s not a leader, he’s not a good QB and he’s not the reason the Jets keep making the playoffs. Don’t get me wrong though he is very skilled at handing the ball off to a running back!
The stats also support this; in 2009 he had 12 TD’s, 20 Ints, a completion percentage of 53.8% and a QB rating of 63. In 2010 he had 17 TD’s, 13 Ints, a completion percentage of 54.8% and a QB rating of 75.3.
Until the Sanchize manages to complete at least 60% of his passes, I think we should put the praise on a back burner.
Number 2 – Darrelle Revis
Revis is one of the best DBs in the NFL, he is continually voted into the Pro bowl and will earn 1st team all-pro awards every season, but the reason quarterbacks fear him so much is down to the media.
The media and Rex Ryan will over exaggerate how Revis “shuts down” the opposing teams’ no.1 receiver. I remember watching the AFC Championship game against the Colts in 09, Reggie Wayne was open all day but Manning wouldn’t look towards that way because Revis was covering Wayne, the next day it was over every American Football website that the Colts still managed to win even though Wayne was shut down.
If you ever get a chance to watch Revis 1v1 against a receiver, watch how many times he will hold the guy, thanks to the respect Revis now receives, referees are unwilling to throw a flag against him even if it’s a clear penalty (his interception against Miami this season is a good example.)
It would be easier to escape the Island when if you weren’t held against your own will.
Number 1 – Michael Vick
I love Vick, he’s a star, he’s the quarterback you need to make your opponents defence look foolish...on Madden. Yes he’s exciting to watch, has a ton of talent and is without doubt the best athlete in the NFL, but he’s not a franchise QB.
Once you get two or three hits on Vick he’ll start to get nervous in the pocket and try to make a play with his feet, this will usually end up with Vick getting hurt and resulting in him missing game time.
Every game Vick will make exciting plays, he will bring in spectators but until he learns how to take a hit and become a true pocket passer, he won’t be guiding his team to a Superbowl any time soon.


  1. Revis as Defender:

    10 - 34 (29.4 % Completion Rate)
    0 TDs
    4 INTs
    120 Yards

    QB Rating: 2.2

    Yeah...massively overrated

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