Friday, 5 April 2013

GB University Lion Captains

This evening during a team meeting the GB lions captains were announced.

The first players to captain the University side since the GB Bulldogs are:

QB - Joe Thompson - Hertfordshire
OL - Tom Levick - Birmingham
LB- Dom Gould - Hertfordshire
DB - Greg Freeman - Birmingham

It comes as no surprise that there is an even split of captains from the two national championship contending teams.

The game kicks off at 1300 BST tomorrow and will be streamed live on Double Coverage.

James Goddard Protein Project - An Introduction

My name is James Goddard, I’m 29 and London born and bred. After university I started working in Finance and have been doing so for the best part of 7 years. Enough of the boring stuff; I have been sports mad since I was a kid, contact sports in particular. I developed a passion for American Football at an early age and started playing in 2006 spending time with the London Blitz, winning a National Championship with them, and the London Olympians.

James in his playing days with the London Blitz
Then life got in the way of football, I reluctantly stepped away from the game about 18 months ago due to a combination of work and injuries. Since then my fitness and strength levels have dropped drastically.

Great Britain Lions take Spirit of Bulldogs to Sweden

BAFA may have re-launched the Great Britain student programme as the rebranded Lions but not all ties have been severed with the previous Bulldogs name.

Old met new when the current Great Britain incarnation were approached by the very first Great Britain student squad to take delivery of a trophy they wanted to donate.

GB University Lions Head Coach Wayne Hill with the Karl Bourne Bulldog trophy
The ‘Karl Bourne Bulldog’ Trophy was purchased by representatives from the 1993 Great Britain squad who toured Germany winning games in the cities of Konstanz and Passau. The pioneers of International student football the story of the origins of the tour is told here.

The GB Bulldogs: A History

Damian Bayford was the Head Coach of the GB Bulldogs 93 and the Leeds Celtics of BUAFL from 90-91 and 92-93 founding the team in 1989. He now lives in Japan but has stayed in touch with the Bulldogs alumni which include a number of Britball stalwarts including Jake Box, Pete Parsons (BAFRA), Fergus Kehoe (Southampton Stags), Pete Laird (Napier Knights), Derek Chapman (Merseyside Nighthawks).

Spring 1993 - At the then BCAFL General Meeting it was mentioned that there were a couple of teams in Germany who would be interested in an international game.

The Oregon High School All Stars were again touring the north of England in 1993. They had a schedule to play games against several senior teams including the Trafford Falcons, the Merseyside Nighthawks, and the Lancashire Wolverines. One team they had scheduled to play had to withdraw at short notice just before the tour was to start.

The tour organizers approached me to see if I could get a university team and a venue arranged. The League gave the game its blessing, and invitations were sent out to the Northern Conference teams.

The 1993 GB Bulldogs

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