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James Goddard Protein Project - An Introduction

My name is James Goddard, I’m 29 and London born and bred. After university I started working in Finance and have been doing so for the best part of 7 years. Enough of the boring stuff; I have been sports mad since I was a kid, contact sports in particular. I developed a passion for American Football at an early age and started playing in 2006 spending time with the London Blitz, winning a National Championship with them, and the London Olympians.

James in his playing days with the London Blitz
Then life got in the way of football, I reluctantly stepped away from the game about 18 months ago due to a combination of work and injuries. Since then my fitness and strength levels have dropped drastically.
In November 2012 I heard about the Maximuscle Protein Project. I saw that it is designed to educate people about health, fitness, nutrition and the significance protein plays in our body’s daily activities. At the time I was partial to the common misconception that protein is either only for elite athletes or that it can only be taken after exercise. Maximuscle are showing that this is not the case; protein is essential for many of the bodies core functions and is a vital component of all our diets. The Protein Project aims to educate and illustrate what the correct diet, training and protein consumption can do for normal people. The idea intrigued me and now I’m one of three lucky guys to be taken on to compete in the 12 week Protein Project

When I first saw the Protein Project advertised online the idea of the 12 weeks training, working out with Maximuscle Ambassadors and, I’m not going to lie, the free supplements grabbed me immediately! I used to play a good level of American Football but life, injuries and work had got in the way of my training. I have always loved working out and generally I wasn't happy with the shape I was in. This looked like an amazing opportunity and one I knew I would give 100% to. I knew that with the level of nutritional support and the intense training all I would need to add would be my commitment. If I gave it my all, I would be back in shape and ready to strap on my American Football gear again.

My Protein Project journey started in February 2013. After having my body fat measured (coming in at an horrendous 22%!), each contestant was then given a Maximuscle nutritionist and Maximuscle personal trainer, I was paired with Sharmain Davis and Richard Tidmarsh respectively. My diet was flipped upside down by Sharmain, who did an amazing job building me a new diet plan. Rich, an industry leading strength and conditioning trainer, dropped me in the deep end at his gym - Reach Fitness in Clapham, London - to develop my strength, speed and athleticism.

On top of that, Maximuscle arranged some amazing training sessions with their ambassadors, most notably to train with Amir Khan, former Welterweight world champion. It was a  brutal session but Amir was a legend and kept me working and progressing through the workout until the very end! Maximuscle also called upon Paul ‘Semtex’ Daley, ex UFC Middleweight KO master, and Dean ‘Renegade’ Amasinger, one of the best MMA Trainers in the UK & Europe, to take me through an MMA fighter workout which was INSANE! Without doubt it was the hardest workout I have ever been put through. Dean describes it as "Fight Gone Bad" training; he drops you in it and then really piles on the pressure. You can see a video of me training here:  Protein Project Week 4.

Other sessions organised by Maximuscle include Royal Marine training with Sean Lerwill, a cooking lesson with London Wasps Rugby Club head chef Omar Rezaine and cover model training with Stuart Tomlinson. I have had the most amazing experience so far and really don't want it to end at all! Luckily I still have six weeks left to enjoy the project.

Still to come: we have a rugby training day with some of the England Rugby stars including Chris Robshaw, this will involve strength and conditioning, nutrition session and a Q&A with some of the players. We also have another day with Amir Khan and a few other Maximuscle combat ambassadors, which will involve training and learning techniques from some of the top fighters in the UK. You too can get involved in these events, check it out here: Maximuscle Protein Project Events

My personal training now changes as I move from a bulking phase in my training schedule to a cutting phase and push on to reduce my body fat as much as possible. I think the cutting phase is going to be the hardest of all

My goal for the 12 weeks was initially to get bigger, faster and stronger, improve my core lifts and my athleticism for American Football but now I also want to lean up and develop a visibly muscular physique. Rich has done an amazing job at improving my core strength, agility and athleticism so far. After six weeks my three rep max for Deadlift is up 20kgs to 125kg, Squat up 20kgs to 125kg and Bench-Press up 5kgs to 110kg. My max weights are all still going up and I am hoping to hit 150kgs x three on Deadlift by the end of the 12 weeks. Further to that I hope to drop my body fat to close to 10% and continue to develop my overall athleticism, strength and speed. All of which will help me accomplish my goal of playing American Football to a top standard again.

Follow my Double Coverage blog every week to see how my training has developed, what treats I have cooked up and what awesome events Maximuscle have sent me to. This experience has shown me that training for all sports carry their own merits, and mixing up your training will help you achieve your personal goals much quicker. I can take training techniques I have learnt in boxing, rugby or MMA and adapt them to American Football.

Check out for some awesome training and nutrition plans. Try mixing up your training and see how your on-field football performance is bettered.

Until next week, all the best,


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