Saturday, 8 June 2013

London Blitz v Cambridge Cats - HIGHLIGHTS

Irish Football Preview

The final week of the Shamrock Bowl Conference! That's come around quickly hasn't it? This weekend we have a repeat game of last weekend that means little in terms of final League position but means a lot in terms of pride. We also have a game that could have meant everything but now means very little, but neither team will want to lose it. And finally we have a game that decides everything in terms of home field advantage in the wildcard playoffs. It should be a great weekend of football!

Meanwhile in the IAFL-1 we have the Minotaurs wanting revenge on the Reapers for the drubbing they received a fortnight ago and a Phoenix side wanting a result against Waterford after losing their Head Coach. Another week of the competitive IAFL-1 is in store!
Can Simon Mackey catch David Colvin at the top of the rushing charts? - photo by Nathan James Sharrocks

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