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BAFA Reaction to Drew Anderson resigning

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The British American Football Association has today confirmed changes in the management structure for National Leagues competition and community-based football.

The 2013 National Leagues competitions will operate under the auspices of a sub committee of the Board of Directors including Andy Fuller, Russ Hewitt, Martin Cockerill and National Leagues representative Mel Biscombe.

The sub committee will work with existing personnel to deliver the 2013 season and put in place the frameworks for the operation of the devolved Competition Management Group structure for 2014 and beyond.

All teams will be contacted shortly regarding the immediate operations of the National Leagues.

All enquiries regarding the National Leagues should be addressed to the following:
Mel Biscombe – as per her published address on www.bafanl.co.uk
Andy Fuller – andy.fuller@britishamericanfootball.org
Russ Hewitt – coaching@britishamericanfootball.org
Martin Cockerill – martin.cockerill@britishamericanfootball.org

BAFANL Chairman Drew Anderson resigns

BAFANL Chairman Drew Anderson has resigned from his post as chairman of BAFANL.

Posting on the UKGRidiron Facebook group Drew said...

To National Leagues, it is with regret that I resign as Director of the National Leagues and my position on the BAFA board. It is not of my own choice but as a result of the letter attached (click here for the letter)

I of course have the option to fight this but after three years of rebuilding the leagues I do not want to see it damaged by more fighting,

It’s worth bearing in mind that this was all done in secret and without my knowledge or opportunity to defend myself, it is also worth noting that several members of the board were absent and to my knowledge there were not even enough members PRESENT to vote especially when you consider that the single NL vote (cast by Mel Biscombe) could not constitutionally have been used against the NL.

BAFA have also been intercepting my emails and have closed my bafanl email account.

BAFA have “appointed” Mel as leader of the NL despite almost having only attended one board meeting and having had very little involvement in the leagues.

BAFA Letter sent to Drew Anderson by Email


PROPOSED BY: C.V.Fraser-Macnamara (Vice Chairman & Meeting
Chairman for the meeting on the 13th April 2013)

SECONDED BY: Martin Cockerill


That the National Leagues Director & BAFA Board Director Drew Anderson having: -

1. Issued factually inaccurate statements about confidential BAFA Board Business and made statements which are potentially defamatory.
2. Issued the statements contained in 1 above without any consultation with the BAFA Board as a whole.
3. Failed to consult the National League Committee on this and other relevant and pertinent matters
4. Engaged BAFA in commercial contracts without BAFA Board approval
5. Consistently over spent on budgets approved by the BAFA Board
6. Failed to carry out or acknowledge his responsibilities  as a BAFA Director.

1. That unless the said Drew Anderson resigns as BAFA National Leagues Director & Co-coordinator /Administrator within 7 days he be dismissed and removed from that post.
2. That unless the said Drew Anderson resigns as a Director of the BAFA Board (being one of two BAFA National League Directors) within 7 days he be dismissed and removed from that post and if necessary the Company Secretary is instructed to convene the necessary meetings to confirm the same under the provisions of the Companies Act 2006

London Blitz v Copenhagen Towers - EFAF Group Game 1 - 13th April 2013

Highlights from last weekends EFAF Cup matchup between the Copenhagen Towers of Denmark and the London Blitz

AFL Week 4 Review

In a weekend that was meant to contain one tightly contested affair and one lopsided encounter the AFL managed to give us two ... lopsided encounters, quite a disappointing Saturday for anyone that tuned in I'm afraid.

Unfortunately, playing like a Raider meant emulating JaMarcus Russell.
© Kellner Holly Thomas/Gridiron Photography

DC Writer NFL Mock Draft: Picks 1-5

In the build up to the NFL draft we'll be running a number of features, our first is a round table mock with eight of our writers picking for teams. This is the line up:

Nathan James Sharrocks 1st - Chiefs, 9th - Jets, 17th - Steelers, 25th - Vikings from Seattle

Tommy Gibbs 2nd - Jags, 10th - Titans, 18th - Dallas, 26th - Green Bay

John Winter 3rd - Oakland, 11th - San Diego, 19th - Giants, 27th - Texans

Ross Watson 4th - Philly, 12th - Miami, 20th - Chicago, 28th - Denver

Tom Snee 5th - Detroit, 13th - Tampa Bay, 21st - Cincinnati, 29th - New England

Richard Penwright 6th - Cleveland, 14th - Carolina, 22nd - St.Louis from Washington, 30th - Atlanta

Jon Goddard 7th - Arizona, 15th - New Orleans - 23rd - Minnesota, 31st - San Fran 

Simon Love 8th - Buffalo, 16th - St. Louis Rams, 24th - Indianapolis, 32nd - Baltimore

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