Tuesday, 16 April 2013

BAFANL Chairman Drew Anderson resigns

BAFANL Chairman Drew Anderson has resigned from his post as chairman of BAFANL.

Posting on the UKGRidiron Facebook group Drew said...

To National Leagues, it is with regret that I resign as Director of the National Leagues and my position on the BAFA board. It is not of my own choice but as a result of the letter attached (click here for the letter)

I of course have the option to fight this but after three years of rebuilding the leagues I do not want to see it damaged by more fighting,

It’s worth bearing in mind that this was all done in secret and without my knowledge or opportunity to defend myself, it is also worth noting that several members of the board were absent and to my knowledge there were not even enough members PRESENT to vote especially when you consider that the single NL vote (cast by Mel Biscombe) could not constitutionally have been used against the NL.

BAFA have also been intercepting my emails and have closed my bafanl email account.

BAFA have “appointed” Mel as leader of the NL despite almost having only attended one board meeting and having had very little involvement in the leagues.
The points in the letter state.
That the National Leagues Director & BAFA Board Director Drew Anderson having: -
1. Issued factually inaccurate statements about confidential BAFA Board Business and made statements which are potentially defamatory.
A. Not only were they not factually inaccurate but this information should be available to ALL BAFA MEMBERS….BAFA promised transparency!!!
2. Issued the statements contained in 1 above without any consultation with the BAFA Board as a whole.
A. The release of the truth should not need consultation!
3. Failed to consult the National League Committee on this and other relevant and pertinent matters
A. Simply not true, I failed to consult Mel Biscombe whose involvement with the Leagues has at best been sporadic and somewhat marred by complaints.
4. Engaged BAFA in commercial contracts without BAFA Board approval
A. This relates directly to CRS….if I engaged in it without approval why did BAFA chairman personally sign all the CQs ?
5. Consistently over spent on budgets approved by the BAFA Board
A. Despite multiple request’s for these non-existent Budgets BAFA have yet to provide them, the last BAFA agreed, signed Budget was produced by Jim Messenger back in 2010 and I have an Email from A Fuller which clearly states that NO BUDGETS have been agreed for 2011/12
At no point since I was brought on to the board has anyone taken the time to work with me in order to better understand how BAFA finances should work and despite asking consistently for guidance notes or standard operating procedures I have yet to receive anything.
6. Failed to carry out or acknowledge his responsibilities as a BAFA Director.
A. My responsibility has always been to the teams and members of the NL.

Click here for BAFA's initial response

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