Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Pirates shatter Sheffield’s nineteen game winning streak

East Kilbride Pirates 36– 06 Sheffield Predators

Sheffield’s 19-game winning streak came to a sudden halt last weekend when they travelled north to face East Kilbride. In the first ever meeting between these two sides, the Pirates’ strength and experience of playing at the top level was too much for the Predators to overcome. East Kilbride received the opening kick-off and, on a wet and blustery day, promptly fumbled the greasy ball. Fortunately they recovered it and continued with their opening drive. Progress was aided by a couple of Ryan Hunter passes to veteran receiver Jason Byworth and the opening points arrived when Iain Dick carried home from the 12-yard line.

Iain Dick racked up several TD's vs. the Pirates. Image courtesy of Alastair Wilson, AJW Photography. 

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