Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Top 5 BUAFL Offences

Once again we are sticking with the BUAFL theme for our weekly top 5. This week we are doing the top 5 offences in BUAFL this year, so what they have achieved in previous years doesn’t come into consideration with these rankings.

Before we head onto the top 5 rankings we felt the need to mention a few teams who didn’t quite make the cut, but are still dominating their opponents.

Stirling Clansmen – Points scored: 166. Average points per game: 41.5

Stirling would’ve made the list had they not been shut out by Glasgow at the weekend. High scores of 90 and 55 in their first two games of the season show the Clansmen have the ability to score highly if required.

Newcastle Raiders – Points scored: 160. Average points per game: 53.3r

Another Borders conference team with a potent offence. From the looks of things Newcastle are still running the fans favourite Double Wing offence and are continuing to rack up points against opponents. A high score of 84 against Teeside Cougars the highlight of the season so far.

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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

BAFANL Exclusive

Following on from our article on Coach Graham Kelly taking on the Head Coaching role at the Tamworth Phoenix yesterday, we secured an exclusive comment from the man of the hour.

Coach Kelly had this to say on his appointment:
"It is both an honour and a privilege to be given the opportunity to be the Head Coach of Tamworth Phoenix. In five years the Phoenix have enjoyed a meteoric rise from an affiliate team to genuine premiership contenders. The main reason for this achievement is the work put in by the four founding members, Jay Alexander, Ryan Baker, Dave Winter and Ed Winter. Without these four and their commitment to develop in the ‘right way’ this success wouldn’t have happened.

NFL Week 12 Review

After last week’s 10-4 record in my predictions the NFL schedule increased to 16 games again as all of this year’s bye weeks are now complete. Read on to see how I did.

Overall record = 29-15

Thanksgiving Day Games 

GB Packers beat DET Lions by 12 

Original Prediction: The Packers are in for a fight on thanksgiving, but they’ll still win by 9.

My predictions got off to another good start with my prediction of the Packers winning on Thanksgiving. Despite the results this game will be remembered for the selfish behaviour of Ndamukong Suh stamping on a Packers player and deservedly getting ejected, poor judgement from the second year player.

Record = 1-0

MIA Dolphins lost to DAL Cowboys by 1 

Original Prediction: I’m 55-45% certain that the Cowboys will win due to the game being held on thanksgiving, so Dallas by 10. 

My score line may have been way off by my prediction of the winner was spot on. Once again Tony Romo made it hard for Cowboys fans to watch as he threw two early interceptions, fortunately the Cowboys were eventually able to pull off the victory with a Dan Bailey field goal in the closing seconds.

Record = 2-0

NFL Daily Digest: News and Rumour

First off, thanks to all our readers getting us to over 4000 views. We will always endevour to get the latest news from the UK game out first and bring you the exclusives!

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Right, back to the NFL. First off, thankyou Victor Cruz for saving my ass on Fantasy Football. Nine receptions for 157 yards and 2 touchdowns. Nice! However he was still on the losing team as the Gints (deliberate spelling mistake) flopped like Jerome Simpson to 3 straight losses.

Osi "made of glass" Umenyiora sprained his ankle in the game vs the Saints

Talking of Jerome Simpson flopping.. (video included in linked article)

Darren Shaper looks like he might retire. I think it's probably the sight of Marshawn Lynch doing the "Hold ma dick" celebration in last years playoff game that has caused this in some way. 

Monday, 28 November 2011

Tamworth Phoenix Announce new HC

According to their Facebook page the Tamworth Phoenix have announced that Running Backs Coach Graham Kelly will be their new head coach for the 2012 season.

Coach Kelly will be given the task of guiding the Phoenix through the newly formed Northern Conference and will be hoping that he can follow last years form and reach the playoffs again.

BUAFL Week 4 Top 20 Rankings

A few surprise results this week means there have been some moves within the Dbl Coverage rankings.

Once again the top 5 remain the same as previous weeks, but the gap between them is so close you could easily switch them round. Two teams have left our top 20 rankings, they are: Northampton Nemesis and former top 10 members Bristol Barracuda.

Anyway now it’s time for the rankings!

1. Hertfordshire Hurricanes (3-0)

Another blowout victory for the ‘Canes this week against Canterbury in the less than impressive SEC. Next week Herts travel to LSBU hoping for a repeat of last year’s score line (39-0) but we at Dbl Coverage (and probably the rest of BUAFL) are hoping the Spartans can give the ‘Canes a challenge and make a game of it.

2. Portsmouth Destroyers (3-0)

In what could have been considered a trap game for the reigning champs but the Destroyers managed to run out 24-7 victors. After putting away one unbeaten team on Sunday, Portsmouth now faces OBU Panthers who are also off to an unbeaten start. Life’s never easy when you’re the BUAFL champs.

3. Birmingham Lions (3-0)

I don’t know if the Lions schedule is getting easier or the Lions offence is just starting to find their rhythm after posting their highest score for the season. A 59-8 victory over the Outlaws has all but cemented Birmingham’s place atop of the MAC until they face the Aces.

4. Loughborough Aces (3-0)

The only blemish on the latest Aces blowout was conceding points for the first time this season, otherwise the Aces offence continues to roll as many expected. Facing off against the Jets in their next game expect Loughborough to remain unbeaten as we head towards the Christmas break.

BAFANL Alignment: Division 1 and 2

The rest of the league structure for the 2012 season


Gateshead Senators
Merseyside Nighthawks
Lancashire Wolverines
Shropshire Revolution
Nottingham Caesars
Coventry Jets
West Coast Trojans

Cambridge Cats
South Wales Warriors
Sussex Thunder
Hampshire Thrashers
East Kent Mavericks
Berkshire Renegades
Kent Exiles
Essex Spartans

NFL Daily Digest: News and Rumour round up

After a dramtic weekend of BAFANL and BUAFL News we return to your regular scheduled program.

Steelers survived another boring Sunday night game after soon to be second string Tyler Palko threw 3 picks and fumbled

But lost Troy Polamalu after a concussion, which he has worryingly suffered before in his career.

Nick Novak calmed his nerves during the Broncos Chargers matchup by relieving himself on the sideline...

Which the ref probably should have done before trying to explain the overtime rules (which he got wrong)

And Tim Tebow provided more last minute drama, winning yet another game in the clutch

The Raiduhs maintained their top position in their division with a win over the Hanie led Bears

Stevie Johnson decided to mock Plaxico Buress in his TD dance, which I personally find hilarious (if a little classless)!

The wheels really came off for the Eagles at home against a dominant Patriots team

As fans called for Andy Reid to be fired

Sunday, 27 November 2011

BAFANL Premier Re Alignment

News coming out of the End of Season meeting for the BAFANL leagues is that there will be a long awaited re alignment in the Premier league.

The Prem will be split into North and South divisions with the schedule yet to be confirmed. Here are the provisional teams:

BUAFL Results Week 4



Edinburgh Napier Knights 18 vs 7 UWS Pyros

Northumbria Mustangs 42 vs 0 Durham Saints

Sunderland Spartans 14 vs 8 Teesside Cougars

Glasgow Tigers 20 vs 0 Stirling Clansmen


Huddersfield Hawks 0 vs 105 Sheffield Hallam Warriors

UH Sharks 7 vs 2 Leeds Carnegie

Sheffield Sabres 52 vs 6 Bangor MudDogs  

Lancaster Bombers 14 vs 8 Leicester Longhorns 2OT

Leeds Celtics 29 vs 0 Coventry Jets


Birmingham Lions 59 vs 8 Nottingham Outlaws

 Lincoln Colonials 19 vs 49 UEA Pirates

 Derby Braves 68 vs 6 DMU Falcons

Loughborough Aces 58 vs 6 Staffordshire Stallions

NTU Renegades 28 vs 6 Warwick Wolves

Worcester Royals 2 vs 56 Reading Knights

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Saturday, 26 November 2011

BUAFL Week 4 Fixtures

Edinburgh Napier Knights vs UWS Pyros
Northumbria Mustangs vs Durham Saints
Sunderland Spartans vs Teesside Cougars
Glasgow Tigers vs Stirling Clansmen

Huddersfield Hawks vs Sheffield Hallam Warriors
UH Sharks vs Leeds Carnegie
Sheffield Sabres vs Bangor MudDogs
Lancaster Bombers vs Leicester Longhorns
Leeds Celtics vs Coventry Jets

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Friday, 25 November 2011

BUAFL Week 4 Predictions Part 2


Edinburgh Napier Knights vs UWS Pyros
A battle between two teams, I can’t see this being a particularly great game. Neither team has impressed, with only Pyro have scoring this season.
Dbl Coverage Predicts: Pyros to win by 14

Northumbria Mustangs vs Durham Saints
Northumbria won this fixture last year, so may have the psychological edge in this game. Both teams are at 1-1 in the division and  will be looking to maintain form and push for the last Plate place behind Glasgow, Newcastle and Stirling.
Dbl Coverage Predicts: A tough one to call, but we’re going with Northumbria by 7

Sunderland Spartans vs Teesside Cougars
Sunderland haven’t had the benefit of a bye week so far this year (why do we even have bye weeks!?) and have fought their way t o a 1-2 record. Teeside are looking to open their account so far and haven’t recovered from the mauling they got in the first game of the season.
Dbl Coverage Predicts: Sunderland win by 2

Glasgow Tigers vs Stirling Clansmen
The first big clash north of the border as top of the table Stirling take on 3rd place Glasgow. Glasgow have already suffered one shock defeat this season and can’t afford to lose if they want to make the Championship playoffs. Stirling are on fire and look impossible to stop on at the moment.
Dbl Coverage Predicts: Stirling to win by 7


Huddersfield Hawks vs  Sheffield Hallam Warriors
WAAARRRIORS COME OUT TO PLAYAY! Right, now that’s over with…
Huddersfield may have only played one game, but the extra rest and time to practice won’t help them against one of our top ranked teams. Hallam look set to win the division (if the amazing Mudddogs renaissance ends) and make their way into the Championship Playoffs.
Dbl Coverage Predicts: Hallam win by 50

NFL Daily Digest: News and Rumour

I hope everyone enjoyed their turkey day filling of football! The Dbl Coverage NFL predictiona team sure did, going 3-0 in it's predictions for the night. Ndamokung Suh certainly didn't get in the spirit and instead prefered to give his foot to a Greenbay lineman, stay classy!

The Har-Bowl was won by older brother Jon and the Ravens in a game ruled by two ridiculous defences (49ers still haven't conceded a rushing TD this year).

Dallas relied on another team fumbling snaps and making mistakes to gift them a win, but Miami have to be pleased with the play of Reggie Bush and Mattt Moore, who show a terrific amount of upside (for some reason).

Now for the news...

The Luck furore is now going to really pick up steam, now that Yahoo is reporting he won't stay at Stanford for one more year.

We spoke about Andrew Luck a couple of weeks ago in this article. At least this takes one of the variables out of the equation for other teams

Mark Clayton has been put on IR for the Rams, who signed KR/WR Nick Miller as a replacement

Kevin Smith can't catch a break (or catches too many), as he gets injured again

The highest paid corner in the league got carted off at Eagles practice with a knee injury, but apparently it isn't serious

Thursday, 24 November 2011

BUAFL Week 4 Predictions Part 1

Hertfordshire Hurricanes vs Canterbury Chargers
Herts have burst out of the blocks putting up 110 points and only conceding 15 in their first two games. Canterbury got off to a good start winning their first game, but this Herts team is the best in the country right now and will prove too much.
Dbl Coverage predicts: Herts to win by a cricket score

Kings College Regents vs LSBU Spartans
Kings have taken two pretty bad beating and look to be in for a long season in what is quite a tough division. LSBU recovered from a start beset by poor execution to beat UEA and will be looking to build momentum to try and grab a playoff place.
Dbl Coverage Predicts: A win for the LSBU Spartans by 8

Brighton Tsunami vs Greenwich Mariners
Greenwich sit with a 1-1 record, but were a two point conversion away from winning their first game. Team could build on their last win and push for a playoff place. Brighton need to get it together quickly or they may fall out of the running for a place in the plate playoffs.
Dbl: Coverage Prediction: Greenwich Mariners to Win by 14

Anglia Ruskin Phantoms vs Kent Falcons
Anglia have gotten off to their traditional poor start and look to be the whipping boys of the SEC. They will be looking to the games against newly associated teams to get some wins. However they won’t be getting one against a Kent Falcons team that looks destined to challenge for a playoff spot.
Dbl Coverage Prediction: Kent Falcons Win by a lot

Plymouth Blitz vs Gloucester Gladiators
Gloucester look to have taken a step backwards from two years ago when they beat Bath Spa in an associate game. They got spanked 40-14 in their last game.  Plymouth must be confident heading into this game having beaten Gloucester last year and have only lost their last two games by a combined 10 points to two Playoff calibre teams.
Dbl Coverage Prediction: Plymouth Blitz to win by 14

NFL Week 12 Predictions

Another respectable week for my predictions although I believe that I can do better this week.

Last week’s record = 10-4

Overall Record = 29-15

Thanksgiving Day Games

GB Packers @ DET Lions

As I pointed out in the power rankings the Packers D seems to have gone back to their early season form after getting destroyed (literally!) by LaGarrette Blount. A victory over the Bucs was probably too close to comfort for a lot of cheese heads as the team carries on the pursuit of perfection, but as long as Aaron Rodgers and his receiving core continue to score TD’s from all over the place the Pack should be sitting pretty heading into the post season.

The Lions got back to winning ways against the Panthers even if they made it hard for themselves again, eventually winning the slugfest 49-35. The return of Kevin Smith and the ability to score with someone else other than Megatron means the Lions should be one of the more feared teams in the playoffs should they make it that far.

Don’t be surprised if the Lions manage to end the Packers unbeaten run.

Dbl Coverage Prediction: The Packers are in for a fight on thanksgiving, but they’ll still win by 9.

MIA Dolphins @ DAL Cowboys

If Miami keep on winning will Tony Sparano and Matt Moore keep their jobs? One of them should, the other should’ve gone a long time ago. The Matt Moore led Dolphins haven’t lost in November and whilst they don’t have the best of chances to make the playoffs, they may be able to knock other teams out of the post season even before it’s begun.

Dallas have also not lost in November (you watch this game end in a tie now) and now find themselves on top of the NFC East, a conference which nobody wants to win by the looks of things. Since the emergence of DeMarco Murray, the Cowboys have been one of top teams in the NFC and should to continue to dominate as we head towards the end of the season. All they need to do now is teach Rob Ryan to keep his mouth shut and people might start respecting them again.

Dbl Coverage Prediction: I’m 55-45% certain that the Cowboys will win due to the game being held on thanksgiving, so Dallas by 10.

SF 49ers @ BAL Ravens 

A Bro vs. Bro fight! Thanksgiving must be quieter with the brothers Harbaugh take on each other for the first time.

The 49ers are continuing to improve as the season progresses, this time beating the Arizona Cardinals to extend their winning streak to eight. Boy doesn’t that loss to Dallas seem like a long
time ago? If results go their way this week, the 49ers can lock up the NFC West and be the first team into the playoffs.

Was it a touchdown or not? I’d say yes but fortunately for the Ravens the refs decided to overturn Jermaine Greshams TD handing the Ravens a 7 point victory. Hopefully for the Ravens D normality will be resumed with the return of Ray Lewis to inspire them to victory.

A matchup of two teams with average QBs, good running games and top 10 defences lead by a guy wearing number 52.

Dbl Coverage Prediction: One of the losing streaks is ending this week and it’s the 49ers one. Ravens to win by 4. 

NFL Daily Digest: News and Rumour

There were a load of roster moves last night as the trade deadline passed and Kyle Orton was the hottest Waiver wire commodity after several teams lost their starting QB's to injury. 

Read on after the break for your daily morning update on news from around the NFL.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Top 5 BUAFL Conferences

After the Northern conference dominated our power rankings this week, I decided to dedicate this week’s top 5 on our beloved BUAFL conferences.

These rankings are based on this the combination of this year’s performance, as well as including
Firstly there’s the one conference that didn’t make it into our rankings, everyone not associated with the conference will agree with the decision but the players/coaches who are involved in the conference will think it’s the wrong decision.

The conference that misses out on our top 5 is...the Borders conference.

Yes the Borders conference has teams that look like they are dominating, but when you play a weaker university three times a year it’s no wonder they continually post big scores.

Until this conference divides or starts to have more competitive schedules, the Borders conference will continue to get shown little respect from the Dbl Coverage crew (sorry guys!).


 Photo Courtesy of Ian Goode

If this top 5 was released at the end of the BUAFL season last year the SWAC would be much higher. Unfortunately the SWAC seem to be under performing compared to what we saw last year.

I’m not sure whether defences in the SWAC have really stepped up or there are a lot of bad offences being used in this conference, but when Bath Spa Bulldogs are you’re highest scoring team with 46, you know the power house uni’s may be starting to lose their status as top dogs in the south west.

With no team yet to establish themselves, the battle for top spot is up for grabs and everyone has a chance of taking the crown.

Dbl Coverage prediction: (Championship playoffs) Cardiff and UWE (Challenge Trophy Playoffs) Barracuda and the winner of the Bath – Bath Spa matchup.

4. SEC 

Photo Courtesy of Gary Neesam
Let’s be honest, if you removed Hertfordshire and Kent from this conference then it would be pretty poor, in fact it would be a very poor decision with the quality of the teams left. Yes I know Greenwich had an amazing unbeaten season in 2009 ending with the plate trophy but what have they done since then?

I think the biggest problem for the SEC is that there seems to be numerous first or second year teams in the conference who’ve yet to establish themselves in BUAFL. Once they develop into good teams with plenty of depth this conference could rise again.

With the battle for the top two places all but over (Essex are hanging in there), all of the other teams now have to try and beat each other to earn the number 3 and 4 seeds in the league.

Dbl Coverage Prediction: (Championship Playoffs) Herts and Kent (Challenge Trophy Playoffs) Essex and Greenwich.

NFL Daily Digest: News and Rumour round up

Your daily morning update on news from around the NFL.

Ndamokung Suh has taken too many blows to the head and thinks the Lions are at the same level as the Packers

Big Ben looks set to play for the Steelers even though he has a fractured thumb (Jay Cutler, pay attention)

The Broncos cut Orton and the Bears have shown interest, but face competition from other teams.

Tom Coughlin has exceeded expectations this year, but could still be fired at the end of the season.

Jim Harbaugh may be feeling the pressure as the Har-bowl buildup starts to get a head of steam

The Hall Of Fame announced the semi finalists for this year. Bill Parcells and Jerome Bettis make it in their first year of eligibility.

Tashard Choice is cut by teh Redskins after failing to impress against his former team.

Tim Tebow isn't going to stop talking about Jesus anytime soon

Mark Sanchez is still deluded

DeSean Jackson has a bruised foot and not a lisfrac sprain

That'll do for today!

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

NFL Week 11 Review

Last week Rich got 10-6 in his predictions and is gradually showing improvement week to week. Check out his predictions here and read on to see how he did.

Overall record = 19-11

NY Jets lost to DEN Broncos by 4

Original Prediction: We’re keeping the faith with Tim Tebow, Broncos to win by 6. 
This time around Rich wins through on Thursday night with another bet on Tebow to beat the Jets. Shoddy play calling on the final Broncos drive put the nail in the coffin for the Jets, who would be much better with a more efficient offence.

CIN Bengals lost to BAL Ravens by 7
Original Prediction: Ravens to win by 10. 
Again, not far off by Rich who outlined almost exatly how the game would pan out. Bengals could have done with AJ Green on the last drive to catch the clutch TD instead of seeing TE Jermain Gresham fumble the game away.

JAC Jaguars lost to CLE Browns by 4
Original Prediction: We’re going to say Jags to win by 7 
I will be honest, it was going to be hard to call the winner of this game regardless and the jags only lost because of a blown call on the goal line. Jags and Browns seriously need to re tool for next season.

CAR Panthers lost to DET Lions by 14
Dbl Coverage Prediction: Lions to win by 14. 
Probably the game of the week and Rich got it spot on. Stafford is making a habit of starting slow and finishing hot and this was the best example of that this season. Carolina continue to show promise and will improve next season with the return of star linebacker Jon Beason. On a side note the celebrations in this game were outrageous.

TB Buccaneers lost to GB Packers by 9
Original Prediction: Green Bay to win by 17.
The Packers defence started to show its weakness against the run, especially on THAT Blount run for a touchdown. However as long as their offence continues to put up huge numbers  the D can get away with having an off day. Tampa have all the potential in the world, but they need to start getting it together.

BUF Bills lost to MIA Dolphins by 27
Dbl Coverage Prediction: Miami steal it and win by 3.
Miami did more than steal a win, they outright stomped all over Miami. Matt Moore is doing his best Dan Marino impression and Reggie Bush seems to have found his mojo. Buffalo have folded faster than paper at an origami party and might regret giving Ryan Fitzpatrick that contract midway through the season.
OAK Raiders beat MIN Vikings by 6
Original Prediction: We like a weekly upset and we reckon it will come in this game, Vikings to win by 7. 
Maybe Rich doesn’t like his weekly upset so much anymore?? The Vikings have reason for hope next year as rookie QB Ponder continues to show promise regardless of turnovers. The Raiders look to have a real find in Carson Palmer and this can only make the Bengals happy with the guarantee of a 1st round pick if the Raiders make the playoffs.

DAL Cowboys beat WAS Redskins by 3
Original Prediction: The Cowboys to win by 10. 
The Cowboys need to figure out how to get the ball to Dez Bryant more consistently if they want to avoid winning games by the skin of their teeth. The Redskins appear to be more fluffy rabbit than angry rabbit and really need to solve the problems at QB to compete in their division.

ARI Cardinals lost to SF 49ers by 16
Original Prediction: The 49ers to win by 6. 
Another dominating performance from the best defence in the league right now. Arizona never really got started and Coach Ken Wisenhunt placed the blame firmly on QB John Skelton. An easy pick for Rich to make.

SEA Seahawks beat STL Rams by 17
Dbl Coverage Prediction: The Rams to win by 7. 
Take away the Rams run game and they really struggle. Seattle are really good at stopping the run and have an under rated defence. All this added up to a Seahawks win and they obliged with a big win. Sam Bradford is well and truly in the middle of a sophomore slump.

TEN Titans lost to ATL Falcons by 6
Dbl Coverage Prediction: The Falcons to win by 6. 
Another spot on prediction for Rich, putting him at two for the weekend. The Titans have to have liked what they saw from rookie Jake Locker who threw for 140 yards and 2 TD’s after coming on in the 3rd quarter to replace Matt Hasselbeck.

SD Chargers lost to CHI Bears by 11
Dbl Coverage Prediction: The Bears to win by 10. 
So close to a hattrick of correct scores on the weekend! The Chargers are having major problems in their team, but this should come as no surprise seeing as they lost both coordinators in the off season. Bears will have to overcome the injury to Jay Cutler and will be hoping Caleb Haine can step up and the hand ball off to Forte consistently.

PHI Eagles beat NY Giants by 7
Dbl Coverage Prediction: Giants to win by 14.
The Eagles showed why it is important to have a solid back up that matches your starters skills with Vince Young leading them to victory over divisional rivals and keeping their slim playoffs hopes alive. Giants need to get over the jinx the Eagles have over them at home if they want to be serious playoff contenders in the future.

KC Chiefs lost to NE Patriots by 31
Dbl Coverage Prediction: Patriots to win by 14.
The Patriots defence is much maligned in pass coverage, but they are pretty strong against the run and stifled the Chiefs all day on the ground. The Chiefs started well and got after Tom Brady, but eventually the future HOF QB connected with Gronkowski and that was all she wrote.

Solid weekend for Rich with 10 correct predictions and 2 correct scores and is nearly .750 since we started. Not too shabby at all!

Overall record = 29-15

NFL Week 11 Top 10 Power Rankings

Unlike our BUAFL power rankings, we’re sticking to a top 10 ranking for the NFL (what? You think we’re paid for this!?).

A quick nod to the Giants, who slide out of our top 10 after sitting at number 7 last week. Also kudos to the Dolphins and Broncos as they both continued on winning streaks extending their runs to 3 weeks!

1. Green Bay Packers (10-0)
Before the season began I predicted Jordy Nelson would have a breakout year. With his latest performance my prediction doesn’t look like a bad shout. A tough victory over the Bucs this week showed that the Pack defence may not be as good as people think. Blounts monster touchdown looked like a man against boys. Now 10-0 everyone will be trying to end the Packers unbeaten streak.

2. San Francisco 49ers (9-1)
After a comprehensive divisional win over Arizona the 49ers could lock up their division this weekend depending on results. Thursday’s thanksgiving matchup will see Jim Harbaugh facing off against younger brother John Harbaugh in a potential superbowl preview.

3. New Orleans Saints (7-3)
The Saints move up to number 3 this week even though they were on a bye. With their next two games against teams vying for playoff places, the Saints will need to be on top form if they want to remain at the top spot in the NFC South.

NFL Daily Digest: News and Rumour

Our Daily morning digest for you to catch up on all your NFL news in one place. First off is the injury news:

Julio Jones is out for week 12 according to his twitter account. (warning, awful background alert!)

The curse continues for Peyton Hillis as he says he will sit next weeks game vs the Bengals

The MRI on Vikings RB Adrian Peterson revealed a high ankle sprain according to Jeremy Fowler of the St Paul Pioneer Press

The Chiefs have officially put Matt Cassel on IR, ending his season according to Mike Reiss of ESPN Boston.

The Ravens think Ray Lewis may not be out for the season

CBS have reported that the Bills can dump most of struggling QB Fitzpatrick's contract.

Jake Plummer likes Tebow, but wants him to cut out some of the relegious stuff.

Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune has reported that Brian Urlacher thinks the Bears should use the "Tebow Offence"

Jack Del Rio has shifted blame for his teams loss onto his coordinator. Smooth move Jack...

Monday, 21 November 2011

BUAFL Power Rankings 10 - 1

Unlike our friends across the pond, this week’s college ball didn’t provide any shock results knocking the top seeds atop our rankings, but we expect to see some movement now that the bye weeks are over.

1. Hertfordshire Hurricanes (2-0)
No game for the #1 ranked team this week, sitting atop of the SEC with 110 points scored and only 15 points conceded. Unless Essex or Kent can spring a surprise when play Hearts, they should remain rooted to the top spot for a long time.

2. Portsmouth Destroyers (2-0)
Like the ‘Canes, the Destroyers were on a bye week and retained their spot in our power rankings. With three other teams unbeaten in the TVC, Portsmouth may have a fight on their hands to retain their conference crown.

Photo courtesy of Mike Hinton

3. Birmingham Lions (2-0)
A solid 54-0 victory for the Lions this week over second year team the Coventry Jets. From the sounds of thinks, as well as their offence posting big numbers, the Lions defence also had an outstanding performance by scoring two touchdowns and not letting the Jets offence get a 1st down all game.

4. Loughborough Aces (2-0)
Another MAC team to get a comprehensive victory this week, a 49-0 win over the Warwick Wolves keeps the Aces at number 4 for the third consecutive week. With the defence yet to concede a point and an easy schedule until they face Derby, the Aces shouldn’t be moving down any time soon.

5. Hallam Warriors (2-0)
I feel sorry for Hallam I really do, if I was playing for them I’d have been gutted that they couldn’t reach the three digit mark in the scoreboard (they won 97-0 if you didn’t know). With nothing to separate the top 5 teams on this list, the Warriors end up at number 5 due to the fact they have easier conference opponents in the Northern Conference.
Photo courtesy of

6. UWE Bullets
A good 13-0 victory over Bath sees the Bullets hold onto to the number 6 spot by their fingertips. With teams starting to show their dominance and rise up the charts, UWE will need to pick up their game if they want to win the SWAC and more importantly, remain in the #6 spot of our rankings.

7. Southampton Stags (3-0)
I’ll admit I didn’t buy into the Stags hype, but after giving up 48 to BNU they’ve only conceded 12 points combined against Reading and Brunel, winning 48-6 this week. I still don’t think they are as good as people are making out but if they continue to prove me wrong they I won’t be afraid to admit that they are better than I thought. 

8. Newcastle Raiders (3-0)
Newcastle are like Hallam, they put up big scores, don’t concede many points and unfortunately due to being based up north they get to dominate every team so they don’t look as good as the stats suggest. After a 38-0 victory this week, I still fully expect them to get a good seed in the national rankings so I’ll make a better judgement once they reach the playoffs, for now though they are our number 8 team in the country.

9. Kent Falcons (2-0)
If this was the BCS rankings then the number 2 seed in the SEC would be number 2 in our power rankings, unfortunately this is not the case. A narrow victory over Brighton Tsunami keeps the Falcons in our top 10 for another week.

10. UH Sharks (2-0)
Some people may disagree that the Sharks don’t deserve to keep this place as they had a bye and there are numerous teams tied for the Northern Conference lead. Eventually teams will start to filter out and I believe the Sharks will finish in the championship playoffs spot along with Hallam, big game against Leeds Carnegie next week which may alter the power rankings.

BUAFL Power Rankings 11-20

11. Derby Braves (2-0)
Now Derby actually have a QB who can throw the ball they may have a fighting chance of shocking one of the top 2 teams in the MAC. Solid wins over the Stallions and NTU means Derby find themselves at number 11 in our rankings. A matchup of two potentially unbeaten teams, versus Loughborough on December the 11th, will show if this team is worth the hype they have been receiving. 

12. Bristol Barracuda (2-0)
The ‘Cuda may feel hard done by to find themselves at the number 12 spot this week. I’m sorry but if you keep struggling you will continue to drop down when other teams are performing better than you. A week after a narrow victory over Bath Spa, Bristol needed overtime to put away Exeter Demons 20-14. In a tough conference where everyone can beat each other, it seems that Bristol may struggle to return to the Championship playoffs.
Photo courtesy of Air3 Radio
 13. Stirling Clansmen (3-0)
Congrats Stirling you are 3-0, scoring 166 points and conceding 0 which puts you top of the Borders Conference, but let’s be serious for a second. The three teams that Stirling have faced so far have a combined record of 1-5 with 54 points scored and 245 conceded...Until Stirling face a good quality opposition, they won’t be moving up for quite a while with better teams firmly placed above them.

14. Bangor Muddogs (3-0)
What has happened to Bangor? I remember two years ago when they scored 0 points and conceded around 440 odd. Fair play to them for turning it around and leading the Northern Conference, blowing out the Manchester Tyrants 48-6 this week, next week’s matchup against the other Sheffield Uni (Sabres) seems like a potential game of the week with two high scoring opponents going against each other.  

15. OBU Panthers (2-0)
It’s not been a good week for Phil DeMonte. Not only are his former team (who he predicted to lose) 2-0, he also had worse prediction results than the Dbl Coverage team! Two well earned wins over respectable opponents has got the Panthers off to a good start this year. With the national champs on the horizon in two weeks time, the Panthers will be able to show if they truly are contenders this year.

NFL Daily Digest: News and Rumour round up

Every morning we will try and bring you the biggest breaking stories in the American Football world for you to digest in one place, rather than scouring the web yourself.

Jay Cutler has broken the thumb in his throwing hand and is expected to miss 6 to 8 weeks.

The year goes from bad to worse for Joe Paterno as he is diagnosed with lung cancer.

DeAngelo Hall thinks the Redskins should cut him

After the Redskins hit their longest losing streak in their history

Chan Gailey finally admits what the rest of the league knew 2 games ago

Chargers could be without starting left tackle Marcus McNeil for the rest of the season

Everyone is talking about the huge comeback from an ACL injury Kevin Smith had yesterday for the Lions

That's it for now. Will upodate as we get more!

Friday, 18 November 2011

BUAFL Game of the week Loughborough Aces @ Warwick Wolves

This week’s big game is an all MAC clash between two storied franchises of British University football. Warwick Wolves welcome the powerhouse Loughborough Aces in their first game of the season and will hope the extra two weeks or preparation gives them the edge over their opponents.

Warwick finished last year with an 4-4 record after having playoff aspirations following a mid season surge and Head Coach Peter Buckley will be looking to build on that form going into the season ahead.

The Loughborough Aces are currently 4th in our power rankings, however there is little to separate the top 4 teams between each other and we can easily see them pushing far into the playoffs. Last season saw them win the inaugural MAC Championship trophy, beating their long time midlands rivals, the Birmingham Lions, en route to the play offs. 

There was a question mark hanging over the Aces after Head Coach Jason Scott left the team at the end of last season, but new Head Coach Paul Sherrat has already overseen his first victory with a 34-0 win over the Nottingham Outlaws and little seems to have changed for the organisation.

Loughbrough will look to hand the ball early and often to star running back Adam Hope, ,who rushed for 251 yards and 3 TD’s in last week’s game, as well shutting down Warwicks offence with their stifling defensive play.

Even with the extra time to prepare for the visit of the Aces we don’t expect to see much from the Wolves against a very good Loughborough side.

Dbl Coverage prediction: Luga Beruga by a cricket score.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

NFL Week 11 Predictions

A poor week for predictions by my usual standards, a few shock victories didn’t help, but I’m hoping to improve this week.

Last week’s record = 10-6

Overall record = 19-11

Thursday Night Football

NY Jets @ DEN Broncos
For two straight weeks I’ve predicted Tim Tebow to lead the Broncos to a victory and he has. The Jets defence is at its best when all of the DBs can shut down the opposing teams receivers, but with the Broncos offence no longer passing as often it will be interesting to see if the Jets can stop the Broncos rushing attack.

After their loss to the Patriots, the Jets really need a win if they want to stay in the hunt for the AFC East.

Dbl Coverage Prediction: We’re keeping the faith with Tim Tebow, Broncos to win by 6. 

6PM GMT Games 

CIN Bengals @ BAL Ravens
Oh Baltimore, one week you’re beating the Steelers the next you’re losing to the Seahawks! This week the 6-3 Ravens face the 6-3 Bengals to try and gain an advantage as they head towards the playoffs.

If A.J.Green is fully fit for this game then the Bengals offence should continue to click and could pose a problem for the Ravens D, but we think the strong defence will put too much pressure on Dalton and Co.

Dbl Coverage Prediction: Ravens to win by 10. 

JAC Jaguars @ CLE Browns
Two of the worst teams in the AFC Jags and Browns get the opportunity to face each other in this battle for a 4-6 record (the loser will end up on 3-7). With Jacksonville scoring 10 touchdowns so far and the Browns only scoring 12, don’t expect a high scoring affair.

Hopefully if the Browns kicker gets a chance to win the game again, he won’t shank it into the fans…

Dbl Coverage Prediction: We’re going to say Jags to win by 7 

BUAFL Week 3 Predictions

Border Conference

Glasgow Tigers @ UWS Pyros
Granted, the Pyros were playing the Clansmen last week who are on excellent form, but the Pyros are still 0-1 and yet to score a point this season. The Tigers haven’t got off to the best start at 1-1 but with the 50-0 win they had over the Pyros last season, things look good for the Tigers this week.
Tigers to win.

Teeside Cougars @ Durham Saints
Neither team have won a game this season, however Durham got off to a better start since Teeside lost their first game 84-0. Look for Teeside to bounce back this week and try to make this a close game.
Teeside to win.

Newcastle Raiders @ Sunderland Spartans
The Spartans have had a good start to the season and are also playing at home, but there’s no overlooking the difference in these two teams with Newcastle easily within the top ten teams in the BUAFL.The Raiders haven’t given up a point this season and the Spartans will do well to break that streak.
Raiders by a lot

Edinburgh Predators @ Stirling Clansmen
Similar situation to the Raiders and Spartans; the Predators have got off to a good start but the Clansmen should take this easily.
Clansmen by a lot.

Northern Conference

Lancaster Bombers @ Sheffield Hallam Warriors
The Warriors are the comfortable favourites going into this matcharguably as one of the strongest teams in the league. The Warriors looked strong last week, not conceding and putting up 58 against Leeds who should’ve put up more of a fight. The Bombers have had a poor start to the season at 0-2 and will struggle this week as well.
Warriors to win.

York Centurions @ Sheffield Sabres
After Sheffield’s tight win over the Hawks at the end of last season, it was surprising to see them win 50-0 last week. They have come out strong this season with York having less convincing wins.
Sabres to win.

Bradford Bears @ MMU Eagles
Both teams are in their first season of BUAFL. With Bradford at 1-1 and having got points on the board against the Sharks last week, they look the better of the two teams.
Bears to win.

Bangor MudDogs @ Manchester Tyrants
After their winless season, Bangor have come out strong this season with two wins off the bat. The Tyrants have struggled in their first two games so it looks good for Bangor.
Bangor to win.

Liverpool Fury @ Leeds Carnegie
New-boys Fury will really struggle this week coming off their bye. Leeds are an established team and Liverpool just don’t have the experience yet.
Leeds to win.

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