Sunday, 27 November 2011

BAFANL Premier Re Alignment

News coming out of the End of Season meeting for the BAFANL leagues is that there will be a long awaited re alignment in the Premier league.

The Prem will be split into North and South divisions with the schedule yet to be confirmed. Here are the provisional teams:

East Kilbride Pirates
Doncaster Mustangs
Leicester Falcons
Tamworth Phoenix
Birmingham Bulls
Yorkshire Rams

London Blitz
London Warriors
London Olympians
Bristol Aztecs
Farnham Knights
Ipswich Cardinals

Makes next season interesting!

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  1. Worlds worst decision ever!!!!!!!!!!

  2. So Coventry (playing in Europe last year, and one of the more dominant teams of the last five years) get relegated, and Doncaster and Ipswich come up? Hmmm...

  3. We are working on getting Div 1 and 2 news as well as all the rest of the news from the EOS meeting.

    Last year Coventry were made up almost entirely of University players and their long time HC just resigned.

    I was more surprised that Sussex didn't come up.

  4. Agree with the worst decision ever, this just plain sucks!

    Way to to take a giant step backwards!

  5. Care to elaborate as to why its the 'worst decision ever'?

  6. Bigger, wider Prem, excellent news,

  7. Sussex didn't go up for the reason they went down. a conference of only 6 teams is a weak one. What is the point in fighting with two dominant teams for top two positions,
    The North conference was set up to accommodate EKP, and looking at things they might as well have left it as Div 1 north, because that is all it is at the moment

  8. but sussex beat ipswich in the standings this season?

  9. And they were asked if they wanted to go up - but they went down from a 6 team league because the other 4 teams are just teams for the two London teams to beat.
    The O's and Ipswich will be in for a big shock next season

  10. Only 3 teams can compete in Prem: Blitz, Warriors and East Kilbride. Rest don't have resources to compete. There will be a lot of blowouts and cancelled games if this decision stands.

  11. This decision is for the benefit of EKP and ultimately at the cost of the Tamworth Phoenix, who are in effect relegated back to the old div 1 north. How can teams like tamworth improve when you remove their toughest adversaries, and put them back where they came from.
    Bigger,wider prem = more blowouts and more meaningless games.

  12. fair comment i suppose re sussex

    i suppose the south conference will always seem unfair in comparrison to the north for the imediate future...

    i still feel sussex made a bad decision not going up, as they are two thirds of a nats cock from beating the O's from what i could make wouldnt be a battle for the top...but great fun battling not to be the bottom imo

    i did hear that sussex HC wanted to be in the prem....but i guess the powers that be decided to do otherwise

    i do think the prem is better as one big conference, due to the south going stale with the forementioned top four teams all being present.....maybe each conference should be bigger?

  13. it should also be reported that there will be no promotion/relegation for next season involving the prem

  14. so div1 finalists dont go up????

    crazy and unfair

    better to promote both but have no order to expand further and make more playable!!

  15. Sussex would have gone in an 11 team division

  16. 11 team div would have been more competative for sure

  17. And Tamworth wouldn't have got relegated lol

  18. doesnt this mean that tamworth now get a far easier route to a possible game in the final?

    i would be happy if i were them

  19. playoff structure has yet to be confirmed but will be when fixtures are released

    the reason behind no promotion/relegation is that in the past teams have been humped in all 10 games then been relegated which does nobody anygood. having it set as is for the following year allows the lesser teams to build from their first to second seasons in the prem

    all decisions that were announced at the meeting (not just restructure but everything from governance to nfl to GB) have been made with the long term stability and growth of the sport in mind

  20. This structure could work, as long as the playoff's are cross conference.
    Not just a way of making Britbowl a North v South game.

    I agree the Northern conference looks weaker due to alot it being made up of 5 Div 1 teams from 2011. But as we all know, who knows what happens in the off-season, etc.

    As long as there is a mechanism in place, that will allow for the 2 best teams to make the final, regardless of which conference they are in, this could very well work.

  21. I do think making prem bigger is better. But southern teams are are gunna lose massively. Difference between Ipswich and Olympians and the blitz is a 65-6 game boring!!!

  22. How can you have 5 Div 1 teams from last year and only 1 prem all in the same division??? Ridiculous if you ask me... 4 prem teams from last year out of the 6 in the South....something isnt right..should just be 11 teams and EKP gotta bit the bullet and just accept they have to travel

  23. good to see that they have relegated coventry, a team which proved it was short lived

  24. maybe they could get another sponsor to buy some more players?

  25. Wish there was a like button!!! lol

  26. Personally, I wanted an 11 team Prem, all teams playing each other once in the regular season. The bottom 2 teams would play the top 2 teams in Div 1 for the right to stay up or be replaced. Doing this would make more sense than a div 1 bowl game as the prize would be to get into the top division if you could beat the teams with the worst records. Same would work between div 1 and div 2.

  27. who voted for this set up ?

  28. Why moan about a split prem , i think its a great idea. If you stay with just a 6/8 team div then there is no real point haveing a britbowl as the final standings are normally the same as the final results. If you have a north and south then the teams have more to achive by battleing there way through to the play offs.. Why should a team that finishs 4th in a 6 team leauge still be in the play offs.Even though most of the north were div 1 teams last season dont write them off just yet , look at what pheonix achived this season.This also makes teams that have just come up play harder and learn more , plus having this meny teams will help with the sponsor side of things more teams in the top flight will increase all manner of interest..


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