Monday, 28 November 2011

NFL Daily Digest: News and Rumour round up

After a dramtic weekend of BAFANL and BUAFL News we return to your regular scheduled program.

Steelers survived another boring Sunday night game after soon to be second string Tyler Palko threw 3 picks and fumbled

But lost Troy Polamalu after a concussion, which he has worryingly suffered before in his career.

Nick Novak calmed his nerves during the Broncos Chargers matchup by relieving himself on the sideline...

Which the ref probably should have done before trying to explain the overtime rules (which he got wrong)

And Tim Tebow provided more last minute drama, winning yet another game in the clutch

The Raiduhs maintained their top position in their division with a win over the Hanie led Bears

Stevie Johnson decided to mock Plaxico Buress in his TD dance, which I personally find hilarious (if a little classless)!

The wheels really came off for the Eagles at home against a dominant Patriots team

As fans called for Andy Reid to be fired

Could T.O and Ocho soon share a dressing room? 

Peyton Manning could retire at the end of the season!

After watching the Colts go 0-11, who would blame him?

The Texans tough season gets tougher with Matt Leinart looking like he will be put on IR soon. It's a good thing no one else in their division is any good...

And that's all we have time for. Be sure to check back later as we post up our reaction to the BAFANL league re-aligment as well as our BUAFL power rankings (which have seen quite a reshuffle).

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