Sunday, 6 November 2011

xpLosION Recap

After week long rain in the midlands area there wasn’t a cloud in the sky for the start of the BUAFL season. Unfortunately due to the fantastic public transport system in this country we missed the coin toss but arrived in time to see the opening kickoff. Apologies for not knowing some names, we will amend as soon as we get them!

After a good return from Dan Conroy the Lions offence got the ball first to try and set the tempo for the game. With the loss of Tristan Varney for the season it would be Jonny Glover leading the Lions offence and strong running from Conroy and #13 as well as quick passes from Glover drove the Lions to within the Renegades 10. A touchdown pass from Glover to Ben Brown in the red zone put the Lions on the scoreboard first; the point after attempt was good. 7-0 Lions.

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