Saturday, 11 February 2012

BUAFL Predictions: MAC

Birmingham Lions @ Derby Braves (17:00)
With their first game of 2012 cancelled by the Colonials and the Aces on the horizon, the Lions will be hoping to use this game to make sure they’re firing on all cylinders in a week’s time. A win over the Braves would lock up a playoff spot for the Lions, whilst keeping the pressure on the other two unbeaten teams in the MAC.

Despite being considered one of the big three teams in the MAC, all the signs suggest that the Braves may be missing out of the post season this year. Whilst outsiders may claim the early season losses were Derby’s downfall, the news of injuries throughout the team including key losses to their defence may be the reason for the Braves eventual undoing.
Birmingham to win by four scores.

BUAFL Predictions: Northern Conference

UH Sharks @ Leeds Celtics
Two of the oldest teams in British collegiate football face off in this match-up. Hull are having a great season thus far, having been the only team to score on conference power house Hallam. They will be looking to put their error-riddled performance against Huddersfield behind them and show they are a playoff calibre force to be reckoned with. 
Leeds have been a bit slow of the mark this season, posting two scoreless losses to Hallam and Bradford. They will be aiming to send shockwaves round the league with an upset in this week’s game. Expect to see two well drilled and varied offences facing off against two aggressive defences. We may even see some passing!
UH Sharks by 22

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