Saturday, 11 February 2012

BUAFL Predictions: MAC

Birmingham Lions @ Derby Braves (17:00)
With their first game of 2012 cancelled by the Colonials and the Aces on the horizon, the Lions will be hoping to use this game to make sure they’re firing on all cylinders in a week’s time. A win over the Braves would lock up a playoff spot for the Lions, whilst keeping the pressure on the other two unbeaten teams in the MAC.

Despite being considered one of the big three teams in the MAC, all the signs suggest that the Braves may be missing out of the post season this year. Whilst outsiders may claim the early season losses were Derby’s downfall, the news of injuries throughout the team including key losses to their defence may be the reason for the Braves eventual undoing.
Birmingham to win by four scores.

Warwick Wolves @ Staffordshire Stallions
Once again, Warwick seemed to be heading towards a sub .500 season despite having a schedule that featured two new teams, two teams who had losing records last year and the team they face this weekend – the Staffordshire Stallions. After last weekend’s Varsity game against the Jets was postponed, the Wolves will be hoping they can make up for their last performance where they were hammered 51-12 by the Longhorns.

After three straight games against the big teams within the MAC, Staffordshire will be glad to finally be going against an opposition of the same level. Whilst the Stallions D have been conceding points at will, it’s the offence who have been holding the team back this year. Over four games the offence has managed to score a grand total of 26 points. With both teams now playing for pride, this game could end up being a surprisingly entertaining game.
Staffordshire by one score

Lincoln Colonials @ Northampton Nemesis
After ending the 2011 portion of the season 2-1 and in contention for a playoff spot, 2012 hasn’t been kind to the Colonials. A 52-6 thumping against NTU and a forfeited game against the Lions now has Lincoln wondering what if? Despite winning two games this season, everyone needs to remember that these came against a Leicester team running the DW for the first time and against a Worcester team who couldn’t beat a drum at the moment.

As we’ve pointed out numerous times, Northampton have a relatively easy schedule, however, they are now at the stage where they are facing teams who could end their unbeaten season. Whilst their offence is getting all of the attention, the Nemesis D has quietly held teams to only 45 points this season, that’s good enough for the #3 ranked D in the MAC so far!
Nemesis to win by three scores

Nottingham Outlaws @ Coventry Jets
Nottingham are in arguably the best position of all of the MAC's Plate chasing pack, with their destiny entirely in their own hands.  With their crunch clash against NTU looking like being rescheduled for next Friday night, their trip to Coventry will be seen as a chance to fine tune their performance ahead of bigger challenges.

The Outlaws’ defence will be confident of another shut-out against a Coventry team that have managed just ten points all season, while their offence showed signs of clicking late on in their 23-0 win over DMU Falcons.  Coventry meanwhile seem to have stagnated in their second season, losing in shut-outs to Leeds, Birmingham and Loughborough.  I can't see the Jets putting up much of a fight against the improving Outlaws.
Nottingham by four scores

DMU Falcons @ NTU Renegades
NTU know that they have to keep winning an hope others slip up so they can make the post-season, but shouldn't have any problem doing that against the inexperienced DMU Falcons.  A strong offensive line providing good blocking for running backs Alex Fodor and Danny Miller, expect NTU to run the ball down the Falcons' beaks.

DMU have had a reasonable rookie season so far, although their shutout loss to Nottingham last time out will have set them back in terms of confidence.  Their opening weekend win over the hapless Worcester Royals is now long forgotten, and the 1-4 Falcons look unlikely to improve on that record on their second trip to the Robin Hood County in three weeks.
NTU by a four score shut-out

Loughborough Aces @ Leicester Longhorns
Not long ago we'd have automatically had this as a 50+ shutout...and very little has changed.  Loughborough will probably rest a few starters ahead of the HUGE clash with Birmingham later in the month, but their back-ups should have more than enough to handle Leicester's DW offence.

The Longhorns caused a bit of a stir with their point explosion in what should have been a close game against Warwick, but the Aces are a completely different challenge for a team that can politely be described as being in a "transitional" phase.  Depending on how long Loughborough's starters stay in the game, this could be ugly.
Loughborough by five scores

Borders predictions
Apologies for the shortness of the Borders predictions, however we have no Borders writers on our staff at the moment!

EN Knights @ Newcastle Raiders – Raiders to win by six scores

Northumbria Mustangs @ Edinburgh Pirates – Northumbria to win by two scores
Glasgow Tigers @ Teesside Cougars – Tigers to win by three scores

Durham Saints @ Sunderland Spartans – Spartans by three scores

Stirling Clansmen @ UWS Pyros – Stirling to win by five scores

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  1. How many of these games have been postponed?

    1. Five of the MAC games so far. Pretty bad considering there is minimal snow in the Midlands.

    2. you look at pictures in leicester of superbowl weekend and then tell me we had minimal snow...

  2. Large amount of the problem is that AUs and university facilities managers are VERY quick to chuck out a blanket closure on all facilities as soon as a bit of snow/bad weather comes along. Unfortunately, there is little teams can do at that stage - you can try and get a non-uni facility at short notice but how many rugby clubs etc would allow a new team on their pitch with the weather like this?


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