Friday, 4 November 2011

NFL Week Nine Predictions

6PM GMT Games

NYJ @ Buffalo
Buffalo finally managed to pull off a victory north of the border in Toronto, this week they face AFC East rivals the New York Jets who are coming off a bye and on a two game win streak. It will be interesting to see if the Jets defence can stop Jackson running all over them and force Fitzpatrick to win the game. Buffalo’s D should not be underestimated after last week’s performance against the Redskins.

Dbl Coverage prediction: Buffalo by 6.

Seattle @ Dallas

You have to feel sorry for Dallas fans, one week the teams good, the next week they’re losing heavily to a division rival. Fortunately for Dallas they face the struggling Seahawks this week; Seattle may now be playing for a good draft pick with the 49ers running away with the division.

Dbl Coverage prediction: Dallas wins by 10.

Cleveland @ Houston

Houston are currently on a two game win streak and leading the AFC South, even though Houston lost their number one receiver, the offence continues to be ranked in the top ten. Arian Foster could end up having a huge game against a 26th ranked rushing D. With Colt McCoy struggling in Pat Shurmur’s offence and no running game, it could be a long day for the Browns on both sides of the ball.

Dbl Coverage prediction: Houston by 14.

Atlanta @ Indianapolis

It would seem that some fans in Indy have decided that Andrew Luck will be at the Colts next season, even though they are currently 0-8 the Colts have played well at home with Curtis Painter under centre (losing by 3 and 4 respectively), the Falcons may be complacent coming off a bye week allowing the Colts to stay competitive throughout the game.

Dbl Coverage prediction: Atlanta by 3.

Miami @ Kansas City
After week 3 these two teams were firmly in the “suck for Luck” race, since then the Chiefs have won four straight whilst the Dolphins continue to remain winless. Last week’s victory over the Chargers will give the Chiefs a huge confidence boost heading into this game.

Dbl Coverage prediction: Kansas by 7.

Tampa Bay @ New Orleans

After posting 62 points against the Colts, the Saints got brought back down to Earth with a thud. The loss to the Rams might well be upset of the season and the Saints offence was very poor until garbage time. The Bucs should have Blount back for this must win game, a victory this week could put the Bucs in the driving seat for the NFC South crown.

Dbl Coverage prediction: Saints by 6.

San Fran @ Washington

After a solid start we are starting to see the Redskins that have been around for the last few years. Last week’s embarrassment against the Bills may be the game that sums up the ‘Skins season at the end of the year. If Washington wants to win they will need to keep their QB upright, last week they gave up nine sacks and now they have to face a defence with players including Patrick Willis, Aldon Smith, Justin Smith and NaVorro Bowman. If I had the 49ers D in my fantasy football league I’d be so happy with this matchup.

Dbl Coverage prediction: 49ers by 14.

Is Suck for Luck a viable strategy? They should be so Lucky.

Over the last week the media spotlight has shone brightly on the  “Suck for Luck” campaign due in part to a group of Indianapolis Colts fans wearing Luck jerseys to the recent game (and for extra douche points, white Oakleys as well) as well as Phil Simms venting his opinion on the Senior from Stanford. Teams "Suck for Luck", or try and "Win the Luck sweepstakes" by deliberately losing to get the first pick in the draft and replace their current QB with the second coming of John Elway.

Nothing says douche like a white jersey and white Oakleys
The main problem with “Suck for Luck” is the idea that any of the NFL coaches at struggling teams, who have notoriously unstable career prospects at the best of times, would deliberately lose in order to attain a player through the draft. If that were to happen, it would be more likely that the incumbent coach would be fired and the new coach would then get to build a franchise around Luck instead.

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