Wednesday, 20 February 2013

DCW Poll: Top 25

A name change to better describe the Double Coverage Writers poll, we polled all our regional writers to name their top 25's to give us a more balanced view of the league standings

  1. Birmingham -
  2. Hertfordshire -
  3. Loughborough -
  4. Derby -
  5. Stirling +1
  6. Hull -1
  7. Bath -
  8. Sheffield +1
  9. UWE +1
  10. Kingston +2
  11. Portsmouth +6
  12. Southampton -4
  13. Cambridge +9
  14. Kent -3
  15. NTU -
  16. Warwick +2
  17. Carnegie +2
  18. Glasgow -2
  19. BNU +1
  20. UEA -7
  21. Manchester +2
  22. Brighton -8
  23. Plymouth -2
  24. Gloucester NEW
  25. Leeds NEW

The biggest news is #TeamPHD flying up the rankings by nine spots. Having defeated the UEA Pirates, a team many had them pegged to lose to the Cambridge Pythons have deservedly moved up the rankings and look set to claim a playoff spot in only their second year!

In contrast to their SEC rivals, the UEA Pirates have taken the biggest tumble with the biggest fall of the week. A loss to a team ranked below them and a potential fall from Playoff contention will have played a part here.

The other biggest gainer is Portsmouth flying up the rankings in the wake of games actually being played. Defeating the Stags must have played a big part in this and we can expect them to continue their steady progress if they can go 4-4 in their "hell week".

The top 9 spots remained largely unchanged with only the Stags loss moving several teams up a couple of spots. Gloucester and Leeds make appearances at the bottom as their records begin to improve.

Edinburgh Napier Knights vs Glasgow Tigers: Match Report

The Knights put in a valiant effort at the playoff bound Glasgow Tigers but came away with another loss.

Napier took the opening drive and seemed to score an opening Touchdown through Running Back Danny Flannery but with no official signal being given the Knights came away empty handed when a 4th down conversion was kept out on the 1 yard line.

A scoreless 1st quarter gave way to a brace of scores in the 2nd when Glasgow began to flex its powerful running game, including one for Quarterback Euan Beasley, finishing the half 14-0 to Glasgow.

The tigers continued where they had left off at the start of the 2nd half with a long breakout run for Newland Pratt.

The Knights offense did show more life than it has done all season and some impressive drives were capped off with a long scoring strike to the returning team Captain Dominik Wiest in the 3rd Quarter.

RP Poll, Week Ten, Part One

We're getting so close to the end and I don't like it! Although, I do enjoy the end of season playoff scramble, so I guess the closing week's of the season aren't that bad.

Enough jibber jabber, let's move on to this list.

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