Wednesday, 20 February 2013

DCW Poll: Top 25

A name change to better describe the Double Coverage Writers poll, we polled all our regional writers to name their top 25's to give us a more balanced view of the league standings

  1. Birmingham -
  2. Hertfordshire -
  3. Loughborough -
  4. Derby -
  5. Stirling +1
  6. Hull -1
  7. Bath -
  8. Sheffield +1
  9. UWE +1
  10. Kingston +2
  11. Portsmouth +6
  12. Southampton -4
  13. Cambridge +9
  14. Kent -3
  15. NTU -
  16. Warwick +2
  17. Carnegie +2
  18. Glasgow -2
  19. BNU +1
  20. UEA -7
  21. Manchester +2
  22. Brighton -8
  23. Plymouth -2
  24. Gloucester NEW
  25. Leeds NEW

The biggest news is #TeamPHD flying up the rankings by nine spots. Having defeated the UEA Pirates, a team many had them pegged to lose to the Cambridge Pythons have deservedly moved up the rankings and look set to claim a playoff spot in only their second year!

In contrast to their SEC rivals, the UEA Pirates have taken the biggest tumble with the biggest fall of the week. A loss to a team ranked below them and a potential fall from Playoff contention will have played a part here.

The other biggest gainer is Portsmouth flying up the rankings in the wake of games actually being played. Defeating the Stags must have played a big part in this and we can expect them to continue their steady progress if they can go 4-4 in their "hell week".

The top 9 spots remained largely unchanged with only the Stags loss moving several teams up a couple of spots. Gloucester and Leeds make appearances at the bottom as their records begin to improve.

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