Wednesday, 20 February 2013

RP Poll, Week Ten, Part One

We're getting so close to the end and I don't like it! Although, I do enjoy the end of season playoff scramble, so I guess the closing week's of the season aren't that bad.

Enough jibber jabber, let's move on to this list.

16. Cambridge Pythons (5-1)
Ok, after giving #TeamPHD their new team name, I’ve created their pre/post game chant...P-H-D! P-H-D! P-H-D! Someone make it happen and record it for proof! Anyway, back to the poll. Following their 15-12 victory over the Pirates, #TeamPHD kick start the first part of the RP Poll after earning the number sixteen spot. Now, with only two games left (and one of them looks like it’ll be an awarded tie), the PHD crew have a legitimate shot of making the championship playoffs. Not bad for a second year team of doctors, mathematicians and future winners of Countdown.
Next game – @ Westminster Dragons – 24th February
17. BNU Buccaneers (5-2)
Following their victory over the Brighton Tsunami, BNU continued their pursuit for the playoffs with a crushing victory over the Solent Redhawks. Well, I say pursuit, it should probably say guarantee. BNU’s next game against the woeful Oxford Lancers and a 6-2 record will give BNU one of the seedings for finishing as a top rank fourth seed team.
Next game – vs. Oxford Lancers – 24th February
18. NTU Renegades (5-2)
Overshadowed by a debateable referring decision was a 48-6 victory for the Renegades over the Northampton Nemesis to continue the Renegades hopes of making the challenge trophy playoffs. I hope the Renegades get quite far, mainly for the highlights. I mean every week someone moans about the highlights, yet they don’t do their own to show how it should be done...I say keep up the good work InkspotMedia!
Next game – Wolverhampton Wildcats – 24th February
19. Brighton Tsunami (5-2)
Brighton have gone from beating Southampton and being 5-0 to losing to BNU and Reading(!) giving them a 5-2 record and a very, very slim chance of making the post season. To make the post season, the team will need to beat the Kingston Cougars this coming weekend. Normally, I’d say it’s going to be a Cougars win, but after looking at the TVC this season, I wouldn’t be surprised if Brighton came away with the W!
Next game – @ Kingston Cougars – 24th February
20. Swansea Titans (4-3)
After not posting a 50 burger at the weekend, I don’t think the Titans deserved to be ranked...I’m just kidding, of course they do, they’re the form team in the SWAC right now! Currently on a four game winning streak, the Titans have an outside shot of making the playoffs this year. All they’ll need to do is win their game against Aber this evening, then hope that Gloucester are unable to beat the ‘Cuda at the weekend and that Plymouth win to go into a three way tie for teams with a 5-3 record. That will lead to tie-breakers, comparisons, coin tosses, a game of rock, paper, scissors to decide the winner.
Next game – vs. Tarannau Aberystwyth – 20th February
21. Kent Falcons (4-1)
Currently, the Falcons are 4-1 following their 35-0 loss against the Hertfordshire Hurricanes at the weekend, but from what I’ve been told, the Falcons game against KCL has been forfeited by the Regents meaning the Falcons would move to 5-1 before their big game vs. UEA (if this is confirmed). Even if the result of the game isn’t a forfeit, the Falcons still need to win this weekend’s huge game if they’re to make the playoffs this season.
Next game – @ UEA Pirates – 24th February
22. UEA Pirates (4-2)
Two weeks ago, the Pirates were 4-0 and in the championship playoffs. Two weeks later they’re 4-2 and just clinging on to a spot in the challenge trophy playoffs. Not a good time to be a pirate (the team that is, not the rum guzzling Jack Sparrowesque pirates). With Kent travelling to UEA this weekend, the Pirates find themselves in a ‘win at all costs’ game. Tense!
Next game – vs. Kent Falcons – 24th February
23. Hallam Warriors (3-2)
I pointed out last week that the Warriors would’ve been on last week’s poll had they not been out of action. This week, the team were in action and ran all over the Staffordshire Stallions to sit in the number four spot in the BNWC. Looking at the two sets of fixtures lists I’ve received, I can’t see any rescheduled Hallam games marked down. This means that the Warriors season is either over or they’re not letting anyone know when they next play!
Next game – who knows? All of the teams in their postponed games are playing other games this Sunday...
24. Gloucester Gladiators (5-2)
A 21-6 victory over Tarannau followed by an awarded 1-0 victory against Worcester has all but sealed the Gladiators hopes of making the challenge trophy playoffs this year. All Gloucester need to do now is win their final game to finish with a better record than Aber, Swansea and Plymouth! Easier said than done.
Next game – vs. Bristol Barracuda – 24th February
25. Leeds Celtics (4-3)
Originally, this spot had the Brunel Burners sitting at the foot of the poll, but following their loss to Portsmouth last night, the Burners slide out and the Celtics slide in following their 15-0 victory over the York Centurions. With only Durham left on their schedule, the Celtics should secure their spot at the number three team in the North Eastern Conference to advance to the challenge trophy playoffs due to their tie-breaker over the Newcastle Raiders
Next game – vs. Durham Saints – 24th February
That's all for today folks. Remember to tune in tomorrow to see the rest of the rankings! 

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  1. Thanks for the vote of confidence for InkSpot Media :-) You're dead right, if we are doing something wrong, it would be helpful to hear/see what we should be doing to improve. Otherwise sweeping generalisations about how bad we are ("Possibly the worst thing ever to happen to British Football" is one of them) will just ensure we abandon the sport altogether.

    I can take criticism, but of bigger concern is the reputation of InkSpot Media generally for my paying clients (which include sports initiatives and programmes).

    I make a living out of InkSpot Media, and if comments and thoughtless statements about us reach existing and potential clients and cost me a job, the people behind these comments are playing with my livelihood and the livelihood of my family, and that is where I draw the line.

    I do this for the love of the game, but if there is a hint of a threat to my ability to make money on my other professional contracts, walking away is a no-brainer.

    I'm not asking for special treatment, and I do not expect everyone to like what we do - and as I said - I respect everyone's right to their own opinion. But when you start threatening my ability to provide for my family, and the reputation of something I've thrown my all into - then we have a serious problem.

    We and other enterprises around the country do this all for free and for the love of the sport.

    But nothing, not even this great sport, is worth throwing away the hard work and sacrifices I have made into building up this company.

    There are easier ways to spend a weekend, than standing in the rain for five hours at a time, only to be slandered for it.


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