Friday, 10 May 2013

Irish American Football Previews

The week of the rematch in the Shamrock Bowl Conference is matched with an intriguing match up in the IAFL-1. Last week the 26-6 victory for the Belfast Trojans over the Dublin Rebels gave the former a tight grip on the SBC North. Meanwhile at the opposite end of the division the Cowboys and Rhinos are looking to grab a win in an otherwise sparse season in a tough league. 

The Belfast Trojans are sweeping aside opposing teams in convincing fashion, are they set for another Bowl? - photo by Nathan James Sharrocks

All DC Team: The Offensive Line

One of the harder positions to select as very often their contributions can go unnoticed; however with the reintroduction of the GB Student team this year, it is an easier job to see who has been making the holes for their running backs and giving their QBs the most time. This can be seen by 2/5 1st team and 4/5 2nd team featured on the GB Students Roster and 3/10 of them also have been involved with the GB Senior Lions. 

Elliot McMahon - Stirling Clansmen
Elliot McMahon (#75) leads the way for 2nd team All DC Running back Zake Muluzi
It would be unfair to call McMahon a rookie as he arrived at Stirling from Filton Academy. Anchoring the line for the Clansmen, his downfield blocking ability has been the key to unleashing Grant Isdale's play in the Jet Sweep offense. Tall, strong & athletic (and sporting a natty beard) McMahon not only takes care of the first block but is then seen looking downfield to deliver that painful second level block on an unsuspecting Linebacker or safety.

Premiership Predictions

Premiership North

West Coast Trojans vs. East Kilbride Pirates
The Premiership's only all-Scottish match up in 2013 sees Troon's Trojans welcome a Pirates side fresh from thrashing Coventry last weekend. The home side entered the season playing down talk of yet another play-off run, and their first two performances have gone a fair way to confirming their modesty. Last weekend's loss in Sheffield will have hurt more than they've let on.

East Kilbride are run-away favorites for both this game and the division in general, and on their showing in the West Midlands it's easy to see why. For all the "Dick Hunter" jokes, the Pirates have some serious ability on both sides of the football, and should have no problem defending their incredible record of  not losing to Scottish opposition since being tanked 54-8 by Fife 49ers in August 1996(!).
East Kilbride by four scores

National League Predictions

National League North

Glasgow Tigers vs. Gateshead Senators
Later than planned, our prediction between the Tigers and Senators has been added.
The surprise team in the National North Conference, the Tigers find themselves 2-0 and sitting atop of all in the North. With their confidence levels high, the Tigers will be hoping to extend their winning streak for another week.

Despite a small team this season, the Senators are showing that they a tough squad who can grind out close victories. Their 13-7 over the Clyde Valley Blackhawks showed this. If the Senators can travel well this week, they could claim the number one seed in their conference with a victory over the Tigers.

Senators and their tough D to win by a score.

DC Presidents vs. Edinburgh Wolves
The high profile Presidents are yet to start their campaign but their off season activities are impressive. Their squad has improved, bringing in players from around the North West, as have their coaching staff. Coach Ben Johnson and Coach Jonathan Rooney will team up again and add a lot of experience to the side.

Edinburgh meanwhile have had an untidy start to the season, losing to Clyde Valley 26-0 on the opener. But they got somewhat back on track with a victory over Dundee last week. Could that be the impetus to kick back on and aim for playoffs?

DC will be amongst the favourites, with Gateshead, for the division this year.

DC Presidents to win by 21

Clyde Valley Blackhawks vs. Dundee Hurricanes

The Blackhawks have unravelled somewhat after their blistering opening day 26-0 win over Edinburgh, losing two games on the bounce to Gateshead and the impressive Glasgow respectively. 

Dundee meanwhile are bottom of the division, sitting on 0- 2 with 66 points against. However they've scored 35 and must focus on this to turn their season around otherwise it could be a long year.

Clyde Valley Blackhawks to win by 14

GFL Predictions - Week Two

Franken Knights @ Munich Cowboys
Dantestadion, the shared home for the Munich Cowboys and the Munich Rangers, will host an incredibly unpredictable game this weekend. The Knights shocked the European football community last week when they beat the Swaebisch Hall Unicorns in a huge upset. Franken chose to keep their import quarterback, Cedric Townsend, from the previous season and he looked to be in good form and proved to be an impressive dual threat against the GFL’s toughest defense.

The Rangers have been blighted with rumors of disgruntled players apparently jumping ship to newly promoted teams such as GFL2’s Starnberg Argonauts and GFL3 bullies Ingolstadt Dukes. Management problems and altercations between players and import coaches has thinned their roster slightly. 
Franken Knights by 2 scores

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