Friday, 10 May 2013

All DC Team: The Offensive Line

One of the harder positions to select as very often their contributions can go unnoticed; however with the reintroduction of the GB Student team this year, it is an easier job to see who has been making the holes for their running backs and giving their QBs the most time. This can be seen by 2/5 1st team and 4/5 2nd team featured on the GB Students Roster and 3/10 of them also have been involved with the GB Senior Lions. 

Elliot McMahon - Stirling Clansmen
Elliot McMahon (#75) leads the way for 2nd team All DC Running back Zake Muluzi
It would be unfair to call McMahon a rookie as he arrived at Stirling from Filton Academy. Anchoring the line for the Clansmen, his downfield blocking ability has been the key to unleashing Grant Isdale's play in the Jet Sweep offense. Tall, strong & athletic (and sporting a natty beard) McMahon not only takes care of the first block but is then seen looking downfield to deliver that painful second level block on an unsuspecting Linebacker or safety.
Thomas Piachaud - Cambridge Pythons
Tickets to the gun show?
Thomas Piachaud finds his way on to the All-DC team for a second year in a row, this time changing from DL to his more natural position of OL. A graduate of the Stags team 06-10, winning a national championship, Piachaud started up the Cambridge team, and helped them on their way to 2nd place SEC in only their second year in competition, playing both ways all season. Now in his 7th year in the league he plays senior ball at the London Warriors, and currently at GB Senior in the hope of playing in Italy in September.

Jon Binks - Hertfordshire Hurricanes 

There is no doubt that the combination of both the impressive run statistics from Herts and great quarterback numbers from Joe Thompson should be attributed in no small part to the offensive line. Binks has been solid this year at Guard for the Canes.

Thomas Levick - Birmingham Lions
#66 Levick paves the way for All First team running back Dan Conroy (we're noticing a theme...)
Journeyman Levick has enjoyed spending the twilight of his university career (one which has seen him play at Durham and Cardiff), winning a national championship. His pancake-o-meter at xpLosION totalled 8. Starting for the GB Students and in the mix at GB Senior, not to mention a senior season now in Norway, Levick was an easy choice for his second straight All-DC award.

Harry Levick - Southampton Stags 
#65 (near shot) Harry Levick has been a stand out at Tackle
Before you ask, there is no relation between Harry and Tom Levick. One could be cliché and say that they are now bonded through both of their selections to All-DC and the GB Lions connection. Levick has been a rock solid addition to the Stags OL (one of the biggest in the league), holding down the fort at tackle in the TVC, with spells at Wing Back and Full Back to show the kid has the athleticism to boot. We’d like to see some more Stags players graduate to senior level, as we feel they could make an impact.

Second Team All-DC

Craig Harris - Birmingham Lions
Deejay Ogunlati - Brunel Burners
Alec Butcher - NTU Renegades
Sam Molnar - Loughborough Aces
Hamish Coull - Edinburgh Napier Knights


  1. Pretty sure #66 Levick is paving the way for running back Angus Hotchkies #teamangus

    1. Totally missed the numbers and the considerably better field fashion!

  2. Ridiculous list. There is now way some of the 1st and 2nd Stringers should be in that order.

    Writers shouldn't be allowed on these lists as there is no way there can be impartiality.

    1. What should the order be then?

    2. I take it your respective HC/Chairman sent their votes in...

    3. Nonsense. Stop taking yourself and list such as these way too seriously. Appreciate that someone bothers to make stuff like this and create publicity for your local leagues. You are spoiled, but don't have the experience in the game to know it.

  3. What about Callum Rogerson at the Jets!? DOminated the line this year!

  4. I think its probably a solid list, cept oline is all about the sum of the parts, not individuals, one o-lineman excelling doesn't make the unit amazing.

  5. there were some players too old for the GB squad that had Very good years too !!!! there are more players in uni ball than those who play for Brum herts and Stirling !!!! or is that an impossible thing for DC to realise !!!!!

    1. Correct me if I am wrong but, there are 9 teams represented in the first and second All-DC team picks for O-line so it would appear that DC do realise that after all?

    2. there are 6 other teams represented on this O-line list...

    3. So why didn't anyone nominate these people?!


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