Sunday, 5 February 2012

BUAFL Week 8 Scores/Fixtures/Results/Postponements

The weather is so bad that BUAFL have issued a statement!
In light of the inclement weather the League has issued a brief statement.
With adverse weather conditions hitting the country today has seen many challenges presented to our teams.
Having received literally hundreds of text messages, emails and phones calls from committees, coaches and facilitiy providers who have sought to get games on it is with regret that so many fixtures have had to be postponed.
Notwithstanding the frustration of fixtures going down, the last 24 hours have illustrated quite clearly the many positive characteristics of the football community. A huge number of people, from coaches and players through to university staff and officials, have given countless hours to try and get games on.
The efforts of so many stand testament to what makes British football such a great thing to be a part of.
Thank you.
Andy Fuller and Caleb Jackson.

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