Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Look Good, Feel Good, Play Good - Weekly Top 5

After last week’s top 5 was released one of our writers suggested we do articles on the top 5 team jerseys in BUAFL and BAFANL as well as the top 5 jerseys that need to be changed in BUAFL/BAFANL.

This week sees the first of our four part special with the top 5 BUAFL jerseys that need to be changed! Remember this is just for fun!

Firstly the teams who were unfortunate (or fortunate in this case) not to make the list, but still need a word with their kit designers.

Bath Killer Bees – A lot of people probably love the Bath jerseys, these people are likely Swedish, or work at IKEA...

You’d think that when a team was named after deadly insects they’d base their team colours around that insect, but instead they went with yellow and blue! Shame on them for going with their AU colours! With a predominantly yellow jersey, blue strips down both sides and one the top of the shoulders, Baths brightly coloured strip isn’t a favourite of the Dbl coverage crew.

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